Dirk Laucke

Too Young Too Old Too German:

Gitte shares her cleaning job in the blood plasma collection centre with Sascha, a Ukrainian migrant who has no work permit. When the two turn their evening cleaning sessions into little parties, Sascha’s husband grows suspicious of her disturbing night work – and throws her out. Sascha moves in with her colleague. Gitte’s weakness for alcohol costs them both their jobs. The only thing they still have left is Sascha’s second cleaning job. In this case, it is less a question of cleaning than skimpily dressed appearances at the home of an elderly gentleman who dons an SS uniform when she comes round. Sascha is going crazy, her past is coming back to haunt her. Has the time now come for late revenge? – The old man in the SS uniform dies of a heart attack. Pestered by his barking cur, Gitte and Sascha find money scattered among the dead man’s food tins and make their getaway. But where should they go? [...]

Roy is fit, pumped full of amphetamines, blind drunk, and on his first day out of prison. In consequence, his mind is fixated on one thing: picking up women. Unfortunately, of all people, he has to run into Lydia, his ex, at some terrible party. Lydia is just about to tell her new boyfriend, Jens, that she is pregnant. Roy puts a spanner in the works. The upshot is that Lydia and Roy encounter each other again at the accident and emergency ward. The battered Jens becomes a witness to Lydia and Roy’s exchanges, and takes the two with him on a train journey. Where are they going? No one really knows. Again and again, Roy pries into Lydia’s past. Her grandpa, the Nazi. Roy says Lydia killed him... Jens keeps giving Roy another drink. Lydia tells Jens what really happened. She wanted to take money from her grandpa. It is quite possible they were planning to kill him when they were on LSD, but when they arrived at his house, little Grandpa Karl was already lying dead in the flat wearing his SS uniform. Roy began to paint on the corpse. At this point, it all became too much for Lydia. She was pregnant at that time as well...

The two stories are blended together at three levels – a game with a present and a past.
(Dirk Laucke, Kiepenheuer Bühnenvertrieb)
Responses to the play:
‘There is blood everywhere. On Gitte’s hands because she plays with blood preserves at work. On Sascha’s hands because she pricks herself on a used needle while she is cleaning. It runs out of Roy’s nose because he has sniffed pounds of cheap coke. Jens has it on his face after Roy has punched him, and Lydia has it between her legs because now she is no longer pregnant after all.
A bloody business, this premiere evening at the emma-theater, Theater Osnabrück’s studio auditorium. An evening about how people deal with a past that lets no one go, however much they may hide, even behind a new name. It is about the murder of six million Jews. And how this crime still exerts power over the living, right through to the present day. […]

Dirk Laucke wrote Too Young Too Old Too German as a commission for Theater Osnabrück. It was here that his career as a sought-after playwright took off in 2007 with the staging of old ford escort dark blue – which earned him the Kleist Prize for Young Dramatists and, among other things, an invitation to the Mülheim Theatertage. Since then, Laucke has been romping round the German theatrical landscape with more and more new plays. […]

Now Laucke is in Osnabrück again. Along with his view of the world, which is amazingly wise for someone in their mid-twenties. Once more, he is looking at Germany – and, to be precise, where it hurts. […] Things get especially painful when Germany wants to have its peace. When it says, “Let’s hang our flags out for the football and be normal again.”

For this is an author who does not believe in ‘normal’. Rather, he believes in Roy, his emotionally overloaded Germany-hater, whose monologue opens this wild vision of a very German cabinet of mirrors.’
Anne Diekhoff, 15 May 2009, www.nachtkritik.de
Technical data:
Premiere: Städtische Bühnen Osnabrück, 15 May 2009
Director: Jens Poth
Cast: 3 F, 2 M
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