Dirk Laucke

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"An old dark blue Ford Escort on its way to Legoland - Schorse knows just what his son would like. And, because Karin, his ex, has no idea, he picks the boy up directly from the way to school. Boxer has come along as well. He used to be excited by the colourful plastic world as well back then - when Boxer was thirteen, before his mother jumped from the balcony. The fourth member of the party is Paul, the son of the owner of the drinks store where the three men work together lugging round crates - on laughable wages, it goes without saying, and without permanent contracts. Paul is supposed to take over the shop one day, he does not need to have passed too many exams for that. Now he finds himself rather unwillingly in the same boat as part of a daily car share group that has spontaneously set course for freedom today instead of going to work. Their journey takes them through the devastated landscape of the Mansfelder Land, high as kites with Schorse's AC/DC on the stereo, and ends somewhere after they make a pit stop at a petrol station - the car a write-off, the men inebriated, the child lucky to be alive. - In short, laconic sentences, young author Dirk Laucke tells a story of people trying to escape the social hardships they face who find themselves being overtaken - by very normal life."
(Gustav Kiepenheuer Bühnenvertrieb)

Responses to the Play:

"There is no attempt to gloss things over and nothing artificially dramatic about the way that, in his play old ford escort dark blue, Dirk Laucke reports on the fate of these characters who, with equal measures of spiritedness and ineptitude, refuse to come to terms with the hopelessness of their situation. It testifies above all to the extremely close attention the young author has devoted to this nondescript world, which is usually only illuminated by the spotlights of the media when some catastrophe occurs. […] As Schorse, Boxer and Paul's little detour into the freedom of the Mansfelder Land almost descends into a horror trip yet, for each one in a quite different way, becomes a journey into a different life, he describes with authentically blunt language and an alert eye the vitality of people whom society has been happy to dismiss sweepingly for some time now as an underclass. Without sentimentality or social defamation, he follows their efforts to preserve a remainder of pride and take charge of their lives once again, even if those efforts are not always crowned with success."
(Silvia Stammen, Mülheimer Theatertage)


Technical Data:


27 January 2007, Städtische Bühnen Osnabrück

Director Henning Bock
Cast 1 female, 3 male
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