Anne Lepper

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Anne Lepper was born in Essen in 1978. She studied philosophy, literature and history at Wuppertal, Cologne and Bonn, then worked on a doctorate at Bamberg und Essen before taking the course in literary writing at the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel (Bern University of the Arts), from which she graduated in 2010. Her teachers in Biel included the writer and dramaturg Lukas Bärfuß. Today, Anne Lepper lives in Wuppertal. This rising young author was discovered in 2009 with her debut play, Everything Else is Inside, and awarded the Audience Award and Young Talent Award at the Munich Kammerspiele Long Night of New Drama. Subsequently, this piece was premiered at the Munich Kammerspiele in the spring of 2010. Her next text, Where Are We Going Dog, was invited to the Stückemarkt at the 2011 Berlin Theatertreffen. Two of her plays were premiered at the same time in January 2012: Käthe Hermann at the Theater Bielefeld and Seymour or I'm Only Here by Accident at the Schauspiel Hanover. It was on the basis of these two works that Anne Lepper was chosen as best young dramatist of the year 2012 in the Theater Heute magazine critics' survey. 2012 also saw Käthe Hermann invited to the Mülheim Theatertage and the Berlin Autorentheatertage.

Awards and Prizes:

  • 2009: Audience Award and Young Talent Award at the Munich Kammerspiele Long Night of New Drama for Everything Else is Inside
  • 2011: Commissioned by the Berlin Theatertreffen Stückemarkt to write Where Are We Going Dog
  • 2012: Invitations to the Mülheim Theatertage with Käthe Hermann and the German Autorentheatertage festival at the Deutsches Theater Berlin

    Theatre Library - Translations

    Translated plays by Anne Lepper in the Theatre Library


    Käthe Hermann

    The eponymous heroine Käthe Hermann, the widow of a Nazi, lives with her daughter, Irmi, and her disabled son, Martin. She barricades herself and her family into their home in a residential area that has been earmarked for demolition to make way for a coal mine. She sacrificed her career as a ballet dancer to nurture her children and now wants to fulfil her unused talent. More ...

    List of works – Selection

  • Seymour oder ich bin nur aus Versehen hier (Seymour or I’m Only Here by Accident)
    Premiere: 2012, Schauspiel Hanover
  • Käthe Hermann
    Premiere: 2012, Theater Bielefeld
  • Hund wohin gehen wir (Where Are We Going Dog)
    2011: Commissioned by the Berlin Theatertreffen Stückemarkt
  • Sonst alles ist drinnen (Everything Else is Inside)
    Premiere: 2010, Munich Kammerspiele