Dea Loher

Klaras Verhältnisse ("Klara's Relationships")

Klara knows exactly what she doesn‘t want. She doesn‘t want to write any more instructions for irons and useful household appliances, nor does she want to become a social-security case. She wants to answer the questions: "Where am I? Who am I? What am I here for? And finally: what should I do?”
She wants to "help to solve the problems that will occupy us in the next millennium”. She is looking for a great purpose that will satisfy her. On her search for this fulfilled life she experiences a wide variety of longings and desires: she seems to act as a projection screen for the wishes of other people. There's her orderly sister Irene who discovers she has homosexual tendencies; her brother-in-law Gottfried, a lowly bank employee who becomes a bank robber and wants to travel to Africa with her; the doctor who takes her blood and wants her body; the retired biology teacher Elisabeth, who is jealous of her lover, Tomas, the junk dealer, who doesn't actually want to marry her; and the nameless Chinese man, whose spring rolls are sheer poetry. But no one seems to want to offer her a satisfying task, a role in life.
"Klaras Verhältnisse" is a tragicomic tightrope walk between reality and dream, between high-flown desires and the depths of banality.
(from the programme of "Verlag der Autoren" publishing house)

Responses to the Play

Nothing is clear in the apparently so secure designs of this average citizen and nothing becomes clear in the 17 scenes of this drama. This is what makes the quality of Dea Loher's new text. For the first time the author does not confront her characters with extreme situations such as torture, incest, murder. She reveals the tragic dramatic fall as experienced in everyday life, in the isolation of the individual within the quite normal egotism of a society that has forgotten how to give. A gentle humour also runs through the dialogue.
(Cornelia Niedermeier in taz, 3 April 2000)

Technical Details

Premiere Burgtheater Wien, March 2000
Director Christina Paulhofer
Deutsche Erstaufführung Thalia Theater Hamburg, October 2000
Director Mark Zurmühle
Cast 3 D, 4 H
Rights Verlag der Autoren
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