Der dritte Sektor ("The Third Sector")

Anna is a dressmaker, Martha a cook. Both are old. So too is Meier Ludwig, the chauffeur (according to the stage directions represented by his dog). Only Xana, the foreign cleaning lady, does not seem to have been around when the house was built, and it has to be asked where this pale and silent woman belongs.
They are all servants - without a mistress since she does not make an appearance. And they wait. Wait and remember, wound one another, and through the words which pour out of them they create a life of their own for a few moments. They are simultaneously tragic and comical in their pitiless rituals of memory and malice. All that has remained of their life is a bent backbone, a sick soul, and the prison of their own story. A deformed existence which when viewed from a distance can often only be laughed at.
(Verlag der Autoren)

Responses to the Play

What is this play about? It is concerned with unattainable happiness, with the absent God, with people who must spend their lives as servants, humiliated in the service of nasty, malicious dominance rather than of something higher. It is perhaps also concerned with the future, with our future, where everyone becomes old and ever older, where people can only live in caves and are no longer allowed out in the sun, and where most people work in the "Third Sector", the service sector. (Ulrike Kahle in the Tagesspiegel, 21.5.01)

Technical Details

Premiere Thalia Theater Hamburg, May 2001
Director Dimiter Gotscheff
Cast 3 f, 1 m
Rights Verlag der Autoren
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