Marius von Mayenburg


  • „Der Stein“ (“The Stone”)
    Premiere: Salzburg Festival/coproduction with the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, Berlin, 2008
  • "The Ugly One" ("Der Hässliche")
    Schaubühne, Berlin, 2007
  • "Augenlicht" (i.e., "Eyesight")
    Schaubühne, Berlin, 2006
  • "Turista" (i.e."Turista"),
    Schaubühne, Berlin, 2005
  • "Eldorado" (i.e."Eldorado"),
    Schaubühne, Berlin, 2004
  • "Das Kalte Kind" ("The Cold Child")
    Premiered at the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, Berlin, 2002
  • "Parasiten"
    Premiere: "Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg", May 2000
  • "Psychopaten"
    Premiere: during competition for young directors as part of the "Wiener Festwochen", 1998
  • "Fireface" ("Feuergesicht")
    Premiere: "Münchner Kammerspiele", October 1998
  • "Monsterdämmerung"
    Premiere: "Praterspektakel Berlin", 1997
  • "Fräulein Danzer" (1996)
  • "Messerhelden"
    Premiere: "Orph Theater Berlin", 1996
  • "Haarmann"
    Premiere: "Schauspiel Hannover", February 2001

    Der Stein (“The Stone”)

    1934. A Jewish family has to sell its house in Dresden. It is a transaction that will not make anyone happy. The residents of the house also change as political systems come and go. The play traces intertwined lifelines through into the 1990s. It is centred around the mother and daughter of the family that purchased the house in dubious circumstances during the 1930s. More ...

    Der Hässliche (The Ugly One)

    Mr Lette, an engineer and inventor who works on electrical connector plugs, makes a horrible discovery: it would appear that he himself is unspeakably ugly. Why has no one told him this until now? Why does it have to be his boss, of all people, who points it out to him when they talk about a congress at which Lette finally wants to present his most recent invention. More ...

    Das Kalte Kind ("The Cold Child")

    Nina is the "cold child" of Silke and Werner who proclaim interest in their friends' sex lives and emotional entanglements without themselves being able to express any participatory feelings. This couple is the epitome of 'decent' people because their inseparable partnership is based on mutual hatred. More ...


    Old Multscher fell asleep at the wheel of his car and ran Ringo over. Since then Ringo has been in a wheelchair, won't leave his apartment, and has to rely on his girlfriend Betsi to nurse him. More ...