Christoph Nußbaumeder

© Kascha Lemke
© Kascha Lemke

Born in 1978 in Eggenfelden, Lower Bavaria. In 1999, he moved to Berlin to study law, German language and literature and history at Berlin Free University. In 2004, his debut play, Mit dem Gurkenflieger in die Südsee, won the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz Drama Competition. It was presented at the Schaubühne as a staged reading by Thomas Ostermeier during the F.I.N.D. festival in 2005, before finally being premiered at the Ruhr Festival in Recklinghausen. Christoph Nußbaumeder works as a freelance writer and dramatist in Berlin. In the 2007/2008 season, he was writer in residence at the Nationaltheater Mannheim.

Prizes and Awards:

  • 2004: Thomas Bernhard Scholarship of the Landestheater Linz
  • 2004: Winner of the Drama Competition of the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, Berlin
  • 2005: International Residency for Emerging Playwrights, Royal Court Theatre, London
  • 2005: Nominated for the Nestroy Prize
  • February/March 2006: kunst:raum sylt quelle Foundation scholarship

    Theatre Library - Translations

    Translated plays by Christoph Nußbaumeder in the Theatre Library


    Mutter Kramers Fahrt zur Gnade (Mother Kramer’s Journey to Grace):

    Anita is a widow and lives alone in a house that reminds her of earlier times, her stable life with her husband, a once successful businessman, and their daughter. Her daughter has not been in touch for months, and now the first anniversary of her husband’s death is approaching. More ...

    Liebe ist nur eine Möglichkeit (Love is Just a Possibility)

    Bernhard can neither read nor write. No one is allowed to learn of his problem because he does not want to lose his job. He is reliant on his successful elder brother, who bosses him around. His colleagues at work do not take him seriously. More ...

    Mindlfinger Goldquell oder Wir scheißen auf die Ordnung der Welt (i.e., Mindlfing Golden Spring or We Shit on the Order of the World)

    Mindlfing Golden Spring is ‘a global event in the world of mineral water’. And, since drinking water is set to be the crude oil of the next generation, Dr. Glas, the chairman of the board of the Mindlfing Golden Spring Company, is planning to expand. However, in order to do this, he needs the agreement of 70-year-old Anna Durstlwitz, the owner of the land with the spring that produces the medicinal mineral water – which is now to be marketed for the first time. And she absolutely refuses to sell – at any price. More ...

    List of works – Selection

    © Kascha Lemke
    • „Mutter Kramers Fahrt zur Gnade“ (i.e., Mother Kramer's Journey to Grace)
      Premiere Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, 2013
    • Meine gottverlassene Aufdringlichkeit (i.e. "My Godforsaken Importunity")
      Premiere: 2012, sophiensäle, Berlin
    • Die Kunst des Fallens (i.e. "The Art of Falling")
      Premiere: 2010, Schauspiel Köln
    • Eisenstein (i.e. "Eisenstein")
      Premiere: 2010, Schauspielhaus Bochum
    • Mörder-Variationen (i.e., Murderer Variations)
      Premiere: Schauspiel Cologne, 2008
    • "Jetzt und in Ewigkeit" (i.e., "Now and in Eternity")
      Premiere: Nationaltheater Mannheim, 2007
    • "Ich werde nicht sterben in meinem Bett (i.e., "I Will Not Die in My Bed")"
      Premiere: Schauspielhaus Bochum, 2007
    • "Offene Türen (i.e., "Open Doors")"
      Premiere: Nationaltheater Mannheim, 2007
    • "Liebe ist nur eine Möglichkeit" (i.e., "Love is Just a Possibility")"
      Premiere: Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, Berlin, 2006
    • "Mindlfinger Goldquell oder Wir scheißen auf die Ordnung der Welt" (i.e., "Mindlfing Golden Spring or We Shit on the Order of the World")"
      Premiere: Landestheater Linz, 2006
      German premiere: Landestheater Tübingen, 2007
    • "Mit dem Gurkenflieger in die Südsee (i.e., "To the South Seas by Gherkin-Plane") "
      Premiere: Ruhr Festival, Recklinghausen, 2005