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Mutter Kramers Fahrt zur Gnade (Mother Kramer’s Journey to Grace):en

'Anita is a widow and lives alone in a house that reminds her of earlier times, her stable life with her husband, a once successful businessman, and their daughter. Her daughter has not been in touch for months, and now the first anniversary of her husband's death is approaching. Anita's life changes when she is out shopping one day and a stranger comes after her with her purse, which he claims to have found. But there is more to this apparently kind gesture than meets the eye. Anita experiences a late love with the friendly man, Hudi, an unemployed confectioner. And the daughter, who has been appointed the manager of the job centre in her home town, surprisingly appears on the doorstep. A little later, a man is shot and wounded at the job centre, and both the new manager and her mother Anita find themselves dealing with the consequences. In Christoph Nußbaumeder's magnificent, concentrated chamber piece, a former teacher's apparently perfect, secure, middle class world gradually falls to pieces. Through Hudi, Anita becomes acquainted with the reality of a quite different side of society, at the same time as learning things about her family that force her to make a new start.'

(Suhrkamp Verlag Theater und Medien)

Technical Data:

Premiere 15 May 2013, Ruhr Festival Recklinghausen 2013
Director Heike Marianne Götze
Cast 3 female, 4 male
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