Helgard Haug & Daniel Wetzel (Rimini-Protokoll)

Wetzel & Haug, © Hanna Lippmann
© Hanna Lippmann

"Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel were both born in 1969 and graduated from the Gießen Institute for Applied Theatre Studies. They joined forces with Stefan Kaegi in 2002, since when have worked together in various constellations under the "Rimini-Protokoll" label, attracting attention with their sharp-witted interventions in the public sphere and documentary plays. Almost without exception, their performers are 'everyday experts', who are brought into dramatic contexts as ready-made actors with their own biographies. Reality is not depicted or artistically dramatised, but imported onto the stage - an approach that is as consistent as it is captivatingly simple. For instance, a whole sitting of the German Bundestag was recreated live with 200 residents of Bonn under the title Deutschland 2 (Germany 2) for the 2002 Theatre of the World festival. Deadline (Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg) featured five experts in the Central European way of death (invited to the 2004 Berlin Theatertreffen). In Brussels, they recruited seven victims of the bankruptcy of the Belgian airline Sabena to put together Sabenation - go home and follow the news, which has since been performed throughout Europe. In spring 2005, they created Call Cutta, a tour through the Kreuzberg area of Berlin guided live by mobile telephone from an Indian call centre. In 2006, Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel were, among other things, invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen and the Autorentheatertage at the Thalia Theater Hamburg with Wallenstein - eine dokumentarische Inszenierung (Wallenstein - A Documentary Staging) (Mannheim Schiller Festival/Nationaltheater Weimar). In 2007, their project Karl Marx: Das Kapital, Erster Band (Karl Marx: Capital, Volume 1) received the Dramatists' Award and the Audience Award at the Mülheim Theatertage."
(Mülheim Theatertage 2007)

Awards, Honours:

  • 2002 Impulse Festival Award for "Shooting Bourbaki"
  • 2005 Jury Prize at the Politics in Fringe Theatre Festival for "Mnemopark"
  • 2005 Nestroy Theatre Prize nomination in the Special Prize category for "Schwarzenbergplatz"'
  • 2006 Invitation to the Berlin Theatertreffen with "Wallenstein"
  • 2007 Dramatists' Award and Audience Award at the Mülheim Stücke 07 festival for "Karl Marx: Das Kapital, Erster Band"
  • 2007 Faust Theatre Prize (Special Prize)
  • 2008 European Theatre Prize (New Realities in the Theatre category) (to be presented in April 2008, Thessalonica)
  • Radio Drama Award of the War Blind for the radio version of Capital


    Karl Marx: Das Kapital, Erster Band (Karl Marx: Capital, Volume 1)

    "Karl Marx's great analysis has a prominent place in the canon of books that everybody knows about, yet few have actually read. For Haug and Wetzel, it is a dramatic text, the seven seals of which can only be opened with the help of eight individuals who have lived with, in and for this work. More ...

    List of works – Selection

    • Call Cutta in a Box, (Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel)
      Premiere: Schauspielhaus Zurich, 2008
    • 100 Prozent Berlin (100 Percent Berlin), (Haug/Wetzel)
      Premiere: Theater Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, 2008
    • Breaking News, (Haug/Wetzel)
      Premiere: Theater Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, coproduction with the Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf, the Schauspiel Frankfurt, the Vienna Festival and the Schauspiel Hannover
    • Peymannbeschimpfung (Peymann-Bashing), (Haug/Wetzel)
      Premiere: Schauspiel des Staatstheaters Stuttgart, 2007 (Endstation Stammheim festival)
    • Der Besuch der alten Dame (The Visit), (Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel)
      Premiere: Schauspielhaus Zurich, 2007
    • "Karl Marx: Das Kapital, Erster Band" (Karl Marx: Capital, Volume 1), (Haug/Wetzel)
      Premiere: Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf, 2006 Coproduction with the Theater Hebbel am Ufer, the Schauspielhaus Zurich and the Schauspiel Frankfurt
    • Blaiberg und sweetheart 19 (Blaiberg and Sweetheart 19) (Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2006, Schauspielhaus Zurich
    • Cameriga: A Metabureaucracy (Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2005, Homo Novus festival, Riga
    • Wallenstein (Haug/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2005, International Schiller Festival/Nationaltheater Mannheim/Nationaltheater Weimar (invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen)
    • Call Cutta: A mobile phone theatre (Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2005, Goethe-Institut Calcutta, Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin
    • Schwarzenbergplatz (Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2004, Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna Burgtheater
    • Brunswick Airport. Weil der Himmel uns braucht (Brunswick Airport: Because Heaven Needs Us) (Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2004, Theaterformen Festival, Brunswick
    • Sabenation: Go home & follow the news (Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2004, kunstenfestival des arts, Brussels
    • Hot Spots (Haug/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2004 Thesseum: A Theatre for the Arts/Goethe-Institut Athens
    • Zeugen! Ein Strafkammerspiel (Witnesses! A Play in the Criminal Division), (Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2004, Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Schauspiel Hannover
    • Markt der Märkte (Market of Markets) (Haug/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2003, Schauspiel Bonn
    • The midnight special agency (Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2003, kunstenfestival des arts, Brussels
    • Deadline (Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2003, Neues Cinema at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg (invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen)
    • Deutschland 2 (Germany 2) (Haug/Ernst/Kaegi/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2002, Theatre of the World, Bonn
    • Sonde Hannover (Hanover Probe) (Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2002, Theaterformen Festival, Hanover
    • Shooting Bourbaki (Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2001, Theater Lucerne
    • Apparat Berlin (Apparatus Berlin) (Haug/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2001, Prater der Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin
    • Kreuzworträtsel Boxenstopp (Crossword Puzzle Pit Stop) (Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel)
      Premiere: 2000, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main