Kathrin Röggla

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Born in Salzburg on 14.6.1971. Studied German and Journalism at Salzburg from 1989. Kathrin Röggla has lived in Berlin since 1992. She writes prose, radio plays, and theatre texts, and produces reviews for newspaper arts pages, literary magazines, and Austrian and German radio. She has also published several books of prose texts including "irres wetter" (2000/2002) and "really ground zero" (2001).

Prizes and Awards

  • 1992 Salzburg Annual Literary Grant
  • 1993 Berlin's Open-Mike International Festival Prize
  • 1994 Federal Ministry of Education and Art's Award for Young Writers
  • 1995 Reinhard Priessnitz Prize
  • 1996 Federal Ministry of Science, Research, and Art's State Stipendium
  • 1997/8 Federal Chancellor's Office State Stipendium for Literature
  • 2000 kolik Literary Prize
  • 2001 Alexander von Sacher Masoch Prize
  • 2002 Hamburg Blue Capital GmbH's Italo Svevo Literary Prize
  • 2003 Ernst Nossack Prize

    Theatre Library - Translations

    Translated plays by Kathrin Röggla in the Theatre Library


    wir schlafen nicht (i.e."We Don't Sleep")

    "A piece for theatre about the brave new work-world set at a trade fair in the milieu of consulters, advisers, and McKinsey kings. The senior associate and the key account manager have their say, and so too do the online-editor, the IT supporter, and the trainee. More ...

    fake reports/die 50 mal besseren Amerikaner

    This text, based on Röggla's first-hand journalistic account of events in New York on September 11 ("Really ground zero"), takes as its theme the change in general awareness produced by catastrophe. More ...

    List of works – Selection

    • "Wir schlafen nicht" (i.e."We Don't Sleep")
      UA Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf, 2004
    • "sie haben soviel Liebe gegeben, herr kinski"
      UA Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster, 2004
    • "totficken. totalgespenst. topfit",
      UA im Rahmen der Hommage an Werner Schwab, anläßlich seines 10. Todestages, Burgtheater, Wien, 2003
    • "fake reports/die 50 mal besseren Amerikaner"
      UA Volkstheater Wien, 2002