Marianna Salzmann

© Lutz Knospe
© Lutz Knospe
Marianna Salzmann was born in 1985 in Volgograd and grew up in Moscow. In 1995, she emigrated to Germany, where she studied literature, drama and media studies at the University of Hildesheim, before taking up a place on the course in writing for the stage at Berlin University of the Arts in 2008. Following periods as an assistant director and assistant dramaturg at the Schauspielhaus Hanover and the Theaterhaus Jena, she started directing in her own right at Hildesheim and Hanover as well. Her first play‚ White Bread Music, won the 2009 Wiener Wortstaetten Prize, and was performed at the bat studio theatre in Berlin and the Nestroyhof in Vienna. It was followed by works premiered at the Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel in Munich (Satisfied), the Deutsches Theater in Berlin (Mass Extinction of the Possibilities, Mother Tongue Mameloschn) and the Ballhaus Naunynstrasse (Beg Your Pardon).
In January 2012, she received the Kleist Prize for Young Dramatists for her play Birthmarks Window Blue, which was premiered at the Badisches Staatstheater in Karlsruhe. Since the 2014/2015 season, Marianna Salzmann has been writer-in-residence at the Maxim Gorki Theatre, where she is the director of Studio Я. Marianna Salzmann lives in Berlin.

Awards and Prizes:

  • 2009: WIENER WORTSTAETTEN Exile Dramatists' Prize for White Bread Music
  • 2012: Kleist Prize for Young Dramatists for Birthmarks Window Blue

    Theatre Library - Translations

    Translated plays by Marianna Salzmann in the Theatre Library


    Muttersprache Mameloschn (Mother Tongue Mameloschn)

    ‘Three women, three generations, three sets of aspirations: grandmother, mother and daughter. Social dependencies repeat and vary across the generations: What was it like living as a Jewish woman 50 years ago in the GDR, and what does it mean today? More ...

    Muttermale Fenster Blau (Birthmarks Window Blue)

    A young man on a quest for his past. He spends the night in a tent outside his grandfather’s house, but the grandfather does not recognise him straight away – a long time has passed since they saw each other last. More ...

    List of works – Selection

    © Lutz Knospe
    • Wir Zöpfe (i.e. "Us Braids")
      UA 2015, Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin
    • Hurenkinder Schusterjungen (i.e. "Widows, Orphans")
      UA 2014, Nationaltheater Mannheim
    • Schwimmen lernen (Learning to Swim)
      Premiere: 2013, Theater Heidelberg
    • Fahrräder könnten eine Rolle spielen (Bicycles Could Play a Role) (together with Deniz Utlu)
      Premiere: 2012, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin
    • Muttersprache Mameloschn (Mother Tongue Mameloschn)
      Premiere: 2012, Deutsches Theater (Box), Berlin
    • Kasimir und Karoline (Casimir and Caroline) (after Ödön von Horvath)
      Premiere: 2012, Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus
    • Muttermale Fenster Blau (Birthmarks Window Blue)
      Premiere: 2012, Badisches Staatstheater, Karlsruhe
    • Beg Your Pardon
      Premiere: 2012, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse
    • Satt (Satisfied)
      Premiere: 2011, Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel, Munich
    • Weissbrotmusik (White Bread Music)
      Premiere: 2012, bat studio theatre, Berlin