Bernhard Studlar

Bernhard Studlar - © henschel SCHAUSPIEL
© henschel SCHAUSPIEL
Born in Vienna in 1972. He studied at Vienna University from 1991-96 (Theatre, Philosophy, German, Journalism). From 1995 to 1998 he was a dramaturg and assistant director at Vienna's Theater der Jugend, and from April 1998 to January 2002 he studied together with Andreas Sauter at the Berlin College of Arts ("Writing for the Stage"). Studlar has lived in Vienna again since November 2002. His new play "Die Aufgeregtheit der Schwalbe" ("The Excitement of the Swallow") was commissioned by the Stuttgart Staatsschauspiel and written together with Andreas Sauter.

Prizes and Awards:

  • Kassel Staatstheater Prize 2000 for "All about Mary Long"
  • Kleist Prize for Young Dramatists 2000" for "A. ist eine Andere" (Andreas Sauter / Bernhard Studlar)
  • 1. Prize at the Heidelberg Play Market 2001 for "Transdanubia Dreaming"


    Transdanubia Dreaming

    Manfred, a plump Viennese park attendant known as "Fredi" and of course single, sees himself as a coward and loser. He laments his lonely existence, spent between a bar and a kebab stand in the Vienna Woods, populated, as has always been the case, with droll passers-by. More ...

    List of works – Selection

    • "Die Aufgeregtheit der Schwalbe", written together with Andreas Sauter
      No premiere as yet arranged
    • "Fiege" (Sauter/Studlar)
      Premiere Stadttheater Bielefeld, 2004
    • "Transdanubia Dreaming"
      Premiered at the Akademietheater in Vienna, 2003
    • "A. ist eine Andere" ("A. Is Someone Else") (Sauter/Studlar)
      Premiere: Städtische Theater Chemnitz, 2001
    • "Büffelgras" (Sauter/Studlar) 2000
    • "All about Mary Long" (Sauter/Studlar)
      Trashlibretto, 2000
    • "Veronika oder die Tragödie einer Jungfrau" (Sauter/Studlar) 2000
    • "Zimmer im Paradies" (Sauter/Studlar) 2000