Ulrike Syha

Ulrike Syha - © André Heeger
© André Heeger
Born on 26.2.1976 at Wiesbaden. After completing high school at Mainz in 1995 she devoted a year to practical training at the Darmstadt Staatstheater - first in dramaturgy and then as an assistant director. From winter 1996 she studied dramaturgy at the Felix Mendelsssohn Bartholdy College of Music and Theatre in Leipzig. She was then an assistant director at the Leipzig Schauspiel, working with Alexander Lang, Wolfgang Engel, Konstanze Lauterbach, Matthias Brenner, Johanna Schall, and Peter Kastenmüller. She has lived in Hamburg as a freelance writer since summer 2003.

Prizes and Awards:

  • 2002 Kleist Prize for "Autofahren in Deutschland"
  • 2002 Nomination for the Authors Prize at the Heidelberg Play Market
  • 2002 Workshop Days at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg
  • 2002 Authors Days at the Thalia Theater, Hamburg
  • 2002 Readings at the Play Market during the Berlin Theatre Encounter
  • 2003 Invitation to the Mülheim Theatre Days with "Nomaden"

    Theatre Library - Translations

    Translated plays by Ulrike Syha in the Theatre Library


    Autofahren in Deutschland ("On the Road in Germany")

    Hugo, a graphic designer who specializes in virtual mammoths, is driving through the night in his car - in flight from himself, from an investigation of suspected tax evasion, or from an impenetrable conspiracy. In fact he's not really sure himself what he's running away from. At the same time Marthe, his companion for life, and Lorenz, his accountant, who are having an affair, meet in a laundrette at the other end of the country. More ...

    List of works – Selection

    • "Mao und ich" (i.a. "Mao and I"
      Premiere Nationaltheater Mannheim, 2013
    • "Radikale" (i.a. "Radicals"
      Premiere Theater Cehmnitz, 2012
    • "Privatleben" (i.e. "Private Life")
      Premiere Theater Chemnitz, 2008
    • "Da drängt was" (i.e."Something Urgent"),
      premiered at the Jena Theaterhaus, 2004
    • "Fremdenzimmer I-III" (i.e."Hotel Rooms I-III")
      Part I premiered in the Kassel Staatstheater "Hotel Project" as a co-production with the Forum Junge Dramaturgie, 2002
      Part 2, Aachen Theater in conjunction with the Enervé Monologues, 2003
      Part 3, Theaterdiscounter, Berlin, 2003
    • "Nomaden" ("Nomads")
      Premiered at the Tübingen Landestheater, 2003
    • "Autofahren in Deutschland" ("On the Road in Germany")
      Premiered at the Thalia Theater, Hamburg
    • "Kunstrasen" ("Artificial Lawn")
      Premiered at the Leipzig Schauspiel, 2001