Andres Veiel

Das Himbeerreich (Raspberry Empire)

A very special floor at a large German bank. Offices for senior executives – some of them have already retired, others are still running the company. The crisis has arrived here as well now; each one has their own story, their own interpretation of events. One man has lost his job or left it voluntarily as a result of the crisis, while it has made another man rich. One man knows what ought to be done now, but is no longer required. He does not trust the people in charge because they think they know better. The others at the top are also aware of what needs to be done, but will they act on it? They are pursuing certain interests, but whose interests are they really?

Andres Veiel interviewed more than 20 leading bankers. In his research, he traced the connecting lines between their personal motives and the social structures of the financial industry. Together with the cast, Andres Veiel looks behind the facades of the glass palaces and provides intriguing insights into the world of banking as viewed by insiders.'

(Deutsches Theater Berlin)

Technical Data

Premiere Staatstheater Stuttgart, coproduction with the Deutsches Theater Berlin Stuttgart premiere: 11 January 2013, Berlin premiere: 16 January 2013
Director Andres Veiel
Cast 1 female, 5 male
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