Theresia Walser

Theresia Walser - © Ekko von Schwichow
© Ekko von Schwichow
Born at Friedrichshafen in 1967. Attended drama school in Berne. As an author Theresia Walser lives in Freiburg im Breisgau.

Prizes and Awards:

  • "Young Author of the Year", 1998
  • Baden-Württemberg Schiller Memorial Prize, 1998
  • "Woman Author of the Year", 1999
  • 1999 Goethe Institute Prize for New Plays.
  • Invitations to the Mülheim Theatre Days in 1999 and 2001
  • 2001 Goethe Institute Prize for New Plays
  • Scholarship from the BHF-Bank Foundation for the 2006 Frankfurter Positionen

    Theatre Library - Translations

    Translated plays by Theresia Walser in the Theatre Library

    Theatre Library - Translations

    Translated plays by Theresia Walser and Karl-Heinz Ott in the Theatre Library


    Die ganze Welt (The Whole World)

    ‘When the guests do not come to the party, the party simply comes to the guests, whether they want it to or not. And Richard and Regina definitely do not want anything of the kind. More ...

    Die Liste der letzten Dinge ("The Final List")

    Pia and Helen, two middle-aged women, are determined to redeem the world from itself. More ...


    In “WANDERNUTTEN”, Theresia Walser explores the relations between the sexes with a light touch and a sure instinct for comedy. On the one hand, she shows a group of men who sit around drinking: Albert, who feels it is best not to have anything to do with women; Olaf, who is happy when he is not allowed to smoke; Rainer, who dreams of women’s feet; and Georg, who will bet anything his wife is faithful. On the other hand, the author contrasts these men with four women in a hotel bar.More ...

    Die Heldin von Potsdam ("The Heroine of Potsdam")

    The action is based on a real occurrence in 1994. After a serious fall, an unemployed woman, the mother of three children, pretended that she had protected an old lady against a group of skinheads and been wounded. After several days of media attention, making the most of this supposedly heroic deed, she admitted she had not told the truth. More ...

    So wild ist es in unseren Wäldern schon lange nicht mehr ("Our Forsts haven't been this wild in forever")

    In a heavenly comedy of hell on earth, the dramatist brings together her characters on a bench in front of a city railway station, frequented by down-and-outs. Three couples, each of which has a child, have a rendezvous in this place. More ...

    List of works – Selection

    • Eine Stille für Frau Schirakesch (A Silence for Miss Shirakesh)
      Premiere: 2011, Theater Osnabrück in cooperation with Theater Freiburg
    • Die ganze Welt (The Whole World)
      Premiere: 2010, Nationaltheater Mannheim
    • Herrenbestatter (Gentlemen's Undertaker)
      Premiere: 2009, Nationaltheater Mannheim
    • Monsun im April (April Monsoon)
      Premiere: 2008, Nationaltheater Mannheim
    • Morgen in Katar (Tomorrow in Qatar)
      Premiere: 2008, Staatstheater Kassel
    • Ein bißchen Ruhe vor dem Sturm (i.e., "A Bit of Peace before the Storm")
      Premiered at the Nationaltheater Mannheim, 2006
    • Die Liste der letzten Dinge (i.e., "The Final List")
      Premiered at the Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel, Munich/Haus der Kunst, 2006
    • Die Kriegsberichterstatterin (i.e."The Woman War Reporter"),
      premiered at the Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel, Munich, 2005
    • Wandernutten (i.e."Wandering Whores"),
      premiered at the Stuttgart Staatstheater, 2004
    • Die Geierwally (The Vulture Lady),
      together with Karl-Heinz Ott after Wilhelmine von Hillern
      Premiered at the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, 2003
    • Die Heldin von Potsdam("The Saviour of Potsdam")
      Premiered at the Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin, 2001
    • So wild ist es in unseren Wäldern schon lange nicht mehr
      Premiered at the Munich Kammerspiele, 2000
    • King Kongs Töchter
      Premiered at the Theater Neumarky, Zürich, 1998
    • Das Restpaar
      Premiered at the Theater der Rampe, Stuttgart, 1997
    • Kleine Zweifel
      Premiered at the Munich Kammerspiele, 1997