Laura de Weck

Laura de Weck, © Janine Guldener
© Janine Guldener
Laura de Weck was born in Zurich in 1981 and grew up in Hamburg, Paris and Zurich. After completing her schooling, she studied drama at Zurich College of Music and Drama, writing her first plays at the same time.
In 2005, she took part in the Frankfurt Playwrights Forum and workshops for dramatists at Wolfenbüttel, Mannheim and Vienna with her play Lieblingsmenschen (Favourite People). This was eventually premiered in March 2007 at the Theater Basel in a production directed by Werner Düggelin. Her second play, SumSum, was given a staged reading during the 5th Young Playwrights Weekend at the Munich Kammerspiele. Since the 2007/2008 season, Laura de Weck has held a permanent position as an actor at the Junges Schauspielhaus in Hamburg.
  • 2005 Invitation to the Dramatists Workshop of the Federal Academy for Cultural Education, Wolfenbüttel (Paul Maar Scholarship)
  • 2005 Invitation to the Dramatists Workshop during the International Schiller Festival at Mannheim
  • 2005 Invitation to the Dramatists Workshop at the Vienna Burgtheater
  • 2005 Participation in the Playwrights Forum at Frankfurt

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    Lieblingsmenschen ("Favourite People")

    A modern circle dance: Jule, a drama student, meets Anna, who is studying philosophy and has already spent years together with Philipp, who spends all his time cramming medicine and lives in a shared flat with Sven, who would like to seduce Lili, who studies psychology and prefers to sleep with Darius, who simply cannot get through his exams and continues to dream of something truly great...More ...