Felicia Zeller

© Arno Bojak
© Arno Bojak
© Arno Bojak

Felicia Zeller was born in 1970 at Stuttgart, and works as a dramatist and media artist. She graduated from the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy in 1998. In 1999/2000, Zeller was author in residence at the Theater Rampe in Stuttgart. She has spent several periods living outside Germany, and has undertaken various media projects, participated in festivals, written columns for the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” and performed at readings. In 2011 and 2013 her plays Gespräche mit Astronauten (i.e. Conversations with Astronauts) and X-Freunde (i.e. X-Friends) were invited to the Mülheim Theatre Festival.
Felicia Zeller lives in Neukölln, Berlin.

Prizes and Awards:
  • 1993: Baden-Württemberg Youth Dramatists’ Award for “Always Had a Dog”
  • 1999: Ilse Langner Scholarship for Female Dramatists
  • 1999/2000: Author in residence at the Theater Rampe, Stuttgart, combined with the author-in-residence scholarship of the Baden-Württemberg Art Foundation
  • 2001: Invitation to the Autorentheatertage at the Thalia Theater Hamburg
  • 2002: Working scholarship of the German Literary Fund to work on “The Year of the Volunteer”
  • 2008: Mülheim Theatertage Audience Award for Kaspar Häuser Meer directed by Marcus Lobbes.

    Theatre Library - Translations

    Translated plays by Felicia Zeller in the Theatre Library


    Die Welt von hinten wie von vorne (i.e. The World from the Back as from the Front)

    Die Welt von hinten wie von vorne is about manipulation and the destruction of trust, about the reverse side of the conspiracy: intelligently fanned out, board-based PR campaigns running rampant in society as if they had emerged from it.More ...

    X-Freunde (X Friends)

    Three friends at the height of their powers: The sculptor Peter has been transforming stone into sculptures for years. His X Friends series is very nearly finished, but the pressure that bears down on him as an artist brings him to a standstill. More ...

    Gespräche mit Astronauten
    (Conversations with Astronauts)

    ‘They are cheaper than low-wage workers and have no rights of any kind. They are called Olanka, Anjuschka, Olga and Irina, and come from countries on the borders of Centropa. More ...

    Kaspar Häuser Meer (“Kaspar Hauser Meer”)

    Their colleague Björn is burnt out. No one knows when he will able to work again. He leaves behind 104 incompletely documented cases. Three social workers at a Youth Welfare Office, Barbara, Silvia and Anika, take it in turns to deal with them. Germany’s Youth Welfare Offices are one of the most dramatic and most publicly scrutinised theatres of war in a Federal Republic that is tearing itself apart in the wake of the Agenda 2010 social security reforms. More ...

    List of works – Selection

    © Arno Bojak
    • Die Welt von hinten wie von vorne (i.e. The World from the Back as from the Front)
      Premiere: 5.10.2013, Nationaltheater Mannheim
    • Wunsch und Wunder (i.e. "Wish and Wonder")
      Premiere: 2015, Saarländisches Staatstheater
    • X-Freunde (i.e. "X-Friends")
      Premiere: 2012, Schauspiel Frankfurt
    • Gespräche mit Astronauten (Conversations with Astronauts)
      Premiere: Nationaltheater Mannheim, 2010
    • Der große Blöff/Entfernte Kusinen (The Big Bluff/Distant Cousins)
      Premiere: Saarländisches Staatstheater, 2010
    • Kaspar Häuser Meer (Kaspar Hauser Meer)
      Premiere: Theater Freiburg, 2008
    • deutsches hysterisches museum (german hysterical museum)
      Premiere: Theater Bielefeld, 2007
    • Einfach nur Erfolg (Simply Just Success)
      Premiere: Theater Freiburg, 2005
    • Das Jahr der Freiwilligen. Libretto (The Year of the Volunteer: Libretto)
      Premiere: Pocket Opera Company, Nuremberg, 2004
    • Wenn ich was anderes machen würde, würde ich vielleicht nicht immer ans Geld denken (If I Did Something Else, I Probably Wouldn't Think of Money all the Time)
      Premiere: Theaterhaus Jena, 2004
    • Ich Tasche (Me Bag)
      Premiere: Theater Oberhausen, 2003
    • Vom Heinrich Hödel und seiner nassen Hand (Of Heinrich Hödel and His Wet Hand)
      Premiere: Schauspiel Essen, 2003
    • Triumph der Provinz (Triumph of the Provinces)
      Premiere: Theaterhaus Jena, 2002
    • Club der Enttäuschten (Club of the Disappointed)
      Premiere: Theater Konstanz, 2001
    • Bier für Frauen (Beer for Women)
      Premiere: Staatstheater Mainz, 2001
    • Tot im SuperRiesenAquarium (Dead in the SuperGiantAquarium)
      Premiere: Theater Rampe Stuttgart, 2001
    • Meine Mutter war einundsiebzig und die Spätzle waren im Feuer in Haft (My Mother was Seventy One and the Noodles were Detained in the Fire)
      Premiere: Theater Rampe Stuttgart, 2001
    • Im Café Tassl (At the Café Tassl)
      Premiere: IN-TEATA Cologne, 2000
    • Immer einen Hund gehabt/plane crazy (1928) (Always Had a Dog/Plane Crazy [1928])
      Premiere: Württemberg Landesbühne Esslingen, 1994