X-Freunde (X Friends)en

'Three friends at the height of their powers: The sculptor Peter has been transforming stone into sculptures for years. His X Friends series is very nearly finished, but the pressure that bears down on him as an artist brings him to a standstill. Things are different for Anne, a manager who has just left her old company, setting up in business and establishing her own firm. She spends her life by the telephone, her appointments diary sets the tempo for her daily routine. The field she works in is creativity and commitment. She is prepared to accept the way her relationship to the chef Holger is suffering from her dedication as the price of her firm's success. Holger has just lost his job and waits for her in vain at home every evening. Waiting for Anne has now become the only thing left in his life. The friendship between the three becomes a utopian experiment, an attempt to lead a normal life in which the word 'friends' is more than the title of an incomplete masterpiece.

In her new play written for Schauspiel Frankfurt, Felicia Zeller describes with acerbic humour and persuasive precision the compulsive nature of some people's need to realise themselves in a modern world of work that is moving faster and faster all the time, the alienation of the working individual from themselves and people's inability to make room for interpersonal relationships in their lives.'
(Schauspiel Frankfurt)

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Technical Data

Premiere 12 October 2012, Schauspiel Frankfurt
Director Bettina Bruinier
Cast 1 female, 2 male
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