New German dramatic art - Playing time 2011/2012

Since 1999/2000 the Goethe-Institut theatre library has provided a summary of each season's major new plays.
Details given include a brief synopsis of the play and short biography of the author, a list of works and information on the cast, premiere and translations of the work, providing interested parties abroad with an insight into what's currently going on in German theatre.
For easy access this information is also supplied in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian.
The plays are selected by an expert jury.

    Selection Playing Time 2013/2014

    © Elsa Sophie Jach
    Thomas Köck 17.05.2014, Theater Osnabrück
    © Alexander Viktorin
    Wolfram Höll 04.10.2013, Schauspiel Leipzig

    © Thomas Aurin
    René Pollesch 16.11.2013, Münchner Kammerspiele
    © Arno Bojak
    Felicia Zeller 05.10.2013, Nationaltheater Mannheim

    Fritz Kater 26.10.2013, Staatstheater Stuttgart
    © nadine elfenbein, PHOTOGRAPHY
    Nis-Momme Stockmann 21.03.2014, Sophiensaele, Berlin

    © Karoline Bofinger
    Oliver Bukowski 22.02.2014, Deutsches Theater Göttingen
    © Karoline Bofinger
    Rebekka Kricheldorf 17.01.2014, Deutsches Theater, Berlin

    © Isolde Ohlbaum
    Elfriede Jelinek 23.05.2014, Theater der Welt, Nationaltheater Mannheim