Nowa dramaturgia niemiecka - sezon teatralny 2011/2012

Die Welt von hinten wie von vorne (i.e. The World from the Back as from the Front)en

They talk like walking PowerPoint presentations and like to brainstorm away at the drop of a hat. The staff of Germany's biggest PR agency, MOVER AND SHAKER AND PARTNER, know that everything they say could be the slogan for a brilliant campaign. They carve the world up into diagrams, charts and Excel spreadsheets so as to re-assemble it according to the given situation: DESIGNING THE WORLD. Hustle and bustle aboard a PR agency. The products of the prosthesis manufacturer "Sitgo" must be sold, the career of the presidential candidate Prof. Dr. Alexander Peter destroyed. A citizens' initiative without citizens is founded and a measures package tied up.
Die Welt von hinten wie von vorne is about manipulation and the destruction of trust, about the reverse side of the conspiracy: intelligently fanned out, board-based PR campaigns running rampant in society as if they had emerged from it. Everything is under constant suspicion of being staged.
(henschel SCHAUSPIEL)

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Comments on the play:

True to the motto 'We don't need opinions – we make opinion', hollow formula counters hollow formula and catchword jimmies catchword in an artificially perfect score of speech bubbles – in which the nice collisions, arising from procedures redolent of Pollesch and Jelinek, yield plenty of eye-opening added value.
(Christine Wahl, Theater Heute, November 2013)

They form opinions, influence legislation and yet mainly operate far from the public eye: lobbyists and consultants have implanted themselves alarmingly deep in our parliamentary system of government, a fact that occupied the playwright Felicia Zeller during her time as in-house writer at the Mannheim Nationaltheater. Her confrontation with the mechanisms of power gave birth to Die Welt von hinten wie von vorne, a dense collage in the characteristic style of the political class. […]
Intoxicated by their own superiority, Zeller's 'power team' of brainstorming, team-building, meeting-hunkering careerists are ready to sham the world with active sentences into seeing movement. They are mercenary and successful; regardless whether they must mount a campaign for the dubious prosthesis manufacturer "Sitgo" or an intrigue against the inconvenient presidential candidate and despiser of consultants Alexander Peter, the professional spin doctors throw themselves into even the most hopeless marketing strategy with a zeal bordering on self-abnegation. Non-judgementalness is here the cardinal virtue […].
(Dennis Baranski in Nachtkritik, 5.10.2013)

Technical Data

Premiere 5.10.2013, Nationaltheater Mannheim
Director Burkhard Kosminski
Cast 2 Women, 3 Men
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