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Julie is tired of life and searches on the internet for fellow-spirits who want to die with her. Young August gets in touch and the two meet on a snow-covered cliff in Norway so as to commit suicide together. Their yearning for death has linguistic rather than biographical causes. For them living had always only meant "existing" and never being "vitally alive" in the middle of life. A real event led Bauersima to reconstruct the final hours of the two suicides and to add a completely original twist. They have to put on a show so as to film their final hours for posterity, but if they perform they don't feeling like dying ....."
(S. Fischer Verlag)

Responses to the Play

States of reality in a world transmitted by the media: what is true, what false, and who guarantees the correctness of such distinctions. Those themes are common knowledge, so why should't they at long last be presented by actors on stage? The plot which reality brought Bauersima's way is a real stroke of luck. The extreme situation presented here demands of the characters the highest possible degree of thoughtfulness and at the same time emotional complications. In concrete terms, when Julie and August have put up their tent they have no alternative but to talk about themselves and what they intend to do, no matter how painful and uncool that may be. (...) A highly moral play about two likeable young people, a play that invites reflection and simultaneously entertains with unexpected developments.
(Dorothee Hammerstein)

Bauersima (...) has caught the feelings of the web generation with precision. Almost like a Beckett for today, artful and complex, simple and humorous.
(Svenja Klaucke in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, 17.11.2000)

Technical Details

Premiere Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, February 2000
Director Igor Bauersima
Cast 1 f, 1 m, basic set
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