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Muttersprache Mameloschn (Mother Tongue Mameloschn)

'Three women, three generations, three sets of aspirations: grandmother, mother and daughter. Social dependencies repeat and vary across the generations: What was it like living as a Jewish woman 50 years ago in the GDR, and what does it mean today? Questions are raised about the characters' identity, where they belong and their homeland, all against the background of the latent anti-Semitism that was widespread in the GDR, of which the mother has bitter memories. Even if some things have changed since then and they now enjoy different freedoms, the questions about liberty and how to lead a self-determined life have remained the same.'
(Verlag der Autoren/Deutsches Theater Berlin)

Technical Data

Premiere 9 September 2012, Deutsches Theater Berlin
Director Brit Bartkowiak
Cast 3 female
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