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Einer und eine (One and One)

'Heckmanns's play Einer und eine (One and One) is a modern tale of love overcoming obstacles that begins with a chance encounter in a supermarket. We see two young academics who work in the humanities, are both a little eccentric before their time and find themselves in precarious jobs. Against their better judgement, they fall in love with one another, luring each other out of their shells. And despite all the discouraging experiences and setbacks as they struggle against traditional ideas of happiness and relationships, and overcome their shyness, the two fashion a special kind of partnership – at certain moments at least. As they do this, language stands in their way and has to be fought through. Two smart-aleck demons who do not always agree in their assessment of events meddle energetically in the action as playmakers who comment on this love story and sometimes direct it, putting the pair under pressure from the outside world again and again. In his ambiguous, comic, new play, Martin Heckmanns interrogates the relationship between private and collective aspirations to happiness.'

Technical Data:

Premiere Nationaltheater Mannheim, 15 November 2012
Director Dominic Friedel
Cast 2 female, 2 male
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