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Schafinsel (Sheep Island)

'Nori (early 20s) and Toni (early 30s) have a dream – they would like to emigrate to Ireland together in order to escape their wretched existence. Nori and Toni are what people generally call scum: Nori is a prostitute, Toni is a violent boxing manager, although all the fighters he represents are just cannon fodder for better boxers. And if it were not for Ireland, more a vision than a reality, Nori would have left Toni long ago. For Nori, who has to earn her living as a prostitute, is not always treated well by Toni – quite the opposite: he beats her up, steals her money, deceives her whenever he can. But Nori lets these things pass her by. And that is not all. Nori has to look after her mother, Lisa Gahl (early 50s). A widowed alcoholic with whom she shares her flat. The play would be pure underclass reality theatre if it were not for Lore Palm (early 50s) and her son Henning (18), who live next door to the Gahl 'family'. They too exist in a strange symbiosis, but Henning – a mummy's boy and severe stutterer – is just about to take the school-leaving exams that will qualify him for university, and so is well on the way to escape from the narrow confines of petit bourgeois life. He has always been under his mother's thumb, and she forbids him from having any contact with Nori. In his eyes, however, Nori is the passionately desired unknown. Whenever his mother is not around, he tries to get close to Nori – even keeping faith in her when he finds out she is a prostitute. And Nori too finds she likes Henning more and more. All at once, everything seems possible: she could set out on a new life with Henning – an escape plan is hatched for the time after the boy finishes his exams. But when Toni suddenly gets serious and asks Nori to marry him, things get out of control.'
(Verlag Hartmann und Stauffacher)

Technical Data

Premiere 22 March 2012, Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern
Director Philipp Preuss
Cast 3 female, 2 male
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