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Nullen und Einsen (Zeros and Ones)

'There are only two states of being, which are: The ON state. And the OFF state,' it is explained at the beginning of the first part of Nullen und Einsen (Zeros and Ones), which is entitled 'Subtraction'. If only it was so simple. In the course of the second part ('Addition'), the certainties in the protagonists' lives are dissolved permanently, and at the latest in the third part ('Multiplication') the spectator's head also starts to spin at the enjoyably dizzying pace of the action. Unintentionally, Moritz Krehmer becomes the secret driving force behind the chaos that descends on the office – Moritz, whose colleague Klara calls him 'a terribly boring, small-minded person' on an unsuccessful date. Even when he wants to stand out by doing crazy things (going to work without his socks on!), nobody pays him any attention at the company where he is employed, which gathers and analyses data 'about everything'. Only when he starts carrying out his tasks rather casually, if not negligently, does he come to the attention of a mysterious organisation that suspects his carelessness is a meticulously planned act of sabotage and wants to eliminate him. But by this time the car crash that reprograms the algorithm of the world has already happened. Suddenly, Moritz begins to disappear – or is he actually multiplying?

Philipp Löhle sends his characters on a quest for the formula that will probably change everything for the better. But what should be factored into it? The great love that Klara wishes for, the fresh start with a different identity for which Jonas has always yearned, the illusion of permanence Jule gave up on long, long ago, finding herself forced to dare one new beginning after the other? Zeros and Ones asks questions about the predictability of our existence and demonstrates in an impressive fashion that no one gets very far if the kinds of calculation they rely on are all too simplistic.'

(Rowohlt Theaterverlag)

Technical Data

Premiere 19.01.2013, Staatstheater Mainz
Director Jan Philipp Gloger
Cast 2 female, 7 male
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