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In Sex, Justine del Corte depicts a panorama of sexuality. It touches on old and young couples. Intimacy and rejection. Pleasure and loathing. Origins and naturalness. Over it all lie metaphors of water. The characters are borne on waves of pleasure and find themselves dipped into the softness of the wet element, while dampness suffuses the imagery. Women become mermaids, objects of affection metamorphose into swans, children slosh out of their mothers’ bellies and the conception of babies is associated with the mysteries of the sea.

This engagement with sexuality as part of the spectrum of human behaviour allows the heights and depths of interpersonal intimacy to be depicted here in a manner that is poetic but, at the same time, absurd and brutal as well.
Responses to the play:
‘The boy and the girl who are on the way to his house, and are about to sleep with each other. Or the thirty-something couple who have just tried to conceive a child and now tell each other what they were thinking about while they were doing it: about their childhood fears. Or the woman in her mid-forties who takes a young lad home with her in order to feel what she used to feel all those years ago when she was 17. Justine del Corte’s latest play is always about just the one thing, but it is also about how alien bodies remain to each other, how desire transcends language and how yearnings find no satisfaction in spite of everything. A modern version of La Ronde, with scenes that often tip over into the grotesquely comical and, simultaneously, display great awareness of fear and transience.’
Technical data:
Premiere: 24 October 2008, Schauspielhaus am Pfauen, Zurich (Schiffbau Halle 2)
Director: Matthias Hartmann
Cast: 10 F, 6 M, (double roles possible), one swan, convertible set
Rights: Fischer Theater und Medien
Translations: Theatre Library