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Alpenvorland (Alpine Blues)en

'A group of friends meet up for a barbecue in the area where they grew up. They have been invited there by Hannes and Heidi because there is something to celebrate: The couple have purchased land to build a house in a spot the friends have known since their youth. The ground plan has already been staked out; the barbecue is set up and cake unpacked between what will one day be the dining room, the bedrooms and the children's room. Nostalgic emotions are awakened, memories compared, but old rivalries come to light even before the first sausage is cooked. So the party ends early with a food fight instead of dessert. After Hannes and Heidi have separated, their circle of friends have to do more than prove how good they are at coping with crises. Above all, each individual has to reposition themselves in a situation where they feel the contradictory pulls of university, working life and bringing up children. Between the fear of stagnation and the yearning for something that will endure, every decision in favour of career progression or family planning appears to be linked with the area they come from as well: Getting on, going away, returning home? Only Hannes unwaveringly carries on building his house until he realises it is not enough to keep shifting the rooms around and moving the stakes that mark the ground plan. There are question marks over the very land he is building on.'

Technical Data

Premiere 20.04.2013, Landestheater Linz
Director Ingo Putz
German premiere 26 April 2013, Theater Heidelberg
Director: Jens Poth
Cast 3 female, 3 male
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