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Am Schwarzen See (At Black Lake)en

Eddie and Cleo live in a house by the lake. They had to take out a loan in order to keep the brewery they have inherited competitive. That is how they got to know the bank manager Johnny and his wife Else. The two couples became friends, while their children, Nina and Fritz, fell in love with one another. Then something unimaginable happened: The children drowned themselves together in the lake. Four years later, the parents meet again for the first time at Eddie and Cleo's house with its view of Black Lake. They try to make a new start and endeavour to behave as if everything were completely normal, but the question of why it happened still hangs in the air between them unanswered. Helplessly, the parents circle each other and their own selves. Time seems to stand still.
(Verlag der Autoren/Staatstheater Nürnberg)

Technical Data

Premiere Deutsches Theater Berlin, 26 October 2012
Director Andreas Kriegenburg
Cast 2 female, 2 male
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