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Mindlfinger Goldquell oder Wir scheißen auf die Ordnung der Welt (i.e., Mindlfing Golden Spring or We Shit on the Order of the World)en

“Mindlfing Golden Spring is ‘a global event in the world of mineral water’. And, since drinking water is set to be the crude oil of the next generation, Dr. Glas, the chairman of the board of the Mindlfing Golden Spring Company, is planning to expand. However, in order to do this, he needs the agreement of 70-year-old Anna Durstlwitz, the owner of the land with the spring that produces the medicinal mineral water – which is now to be marketed for the first time. And she absolutely refuses to sell – at any price.
Although we do not know whether she is doing this out of the stubbornness of age, advanced Alzheimer’s or simply a clear-sighted knowledge of human nature. Instead of enjoying the autumn of her years as a millionaire, she prefers to amble round the drinks store run by her son, Robert Durstlwitz, making cryptic pronouncements that draw on a lifetime of wisdom and leaving behind “extremely excremental” traces.

While the parents’ generation get tangled up in ever more abstruse business dealings and adventures of the heart, their children are secretly taking charge: Anna dies dancing a last waltz with her grandson, Roland. But no one ever finds out she is dead because Lena – the dance partner initially spurned by Robert – slips into Anna’s clothes and toupee to play the old woman, totally convincing all concerned with her performance. She sells the land, including the marvellous mineral spring, which is in truth no more than a source of plain old spring water. But before Robert and Lena can get away with the money, they uncover the parents’ human and business misdemeanours. The scandals pile up amid heaps of corpses and drinks crates. The two bump off one person after another until a fortunate explosion comes to their salvation and the whole shop is blown sky high.”
(Landestheater Tübingen)

Responses to the play:

“The […] author, Christoph Nußbaumeder, writes in the tradition of Marieluise Fleißer, Martin Sperr, Franz Xaver Kroetz and Rainer Werner Fassbinder. His plays seek to do far more than trace the outlines of private relationships, illuminating global conflicts and the most controversial topics German society currently has to face. At the same time, all of them are characterised by their down-to-earth, robust, theatrical and yet poetically tender language.”
(Landestheater Tübingen, May 2007)

“In an artificial language reminiscent of Marieluise Fleißer or Ödön von Horvath, the young author investigates the generational conflict that comes to light in the struggle over a spa spring. He claims his unwieldy material is comedy, but what is articulated in the run-down drinks store is more suited to tragedy.”
(Esslinger Zeitung, 31 May 2007)

Technical Data:


11.02.2006, Landestheater Linz

Director Georg Schmiedleitner
German Premiere

4.05.2007, Landestheater Tübingen

Director Clemens Bechtel
Cast 3 female, 6 male
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