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Schwarzes Tier Traurigkeit (“Black Beast Sorrow”)en

Four men, two women and a baby go on a trip into the forest. They are all beautiful or rich or creative. Their conversations are dominated by cynical gibes and the same old game of love and distance. Today, they have taken a conscious decision to leave the city for once and find out what a night surrounded by nature out in the open holds for them.
Then a spark flies unnoticed, unleashing an infernal forest fire. The people flee, are driven apart; suddenly, all that matters is saving their own skins. The experience of the fear of death, loneliness and their own vulnerability in the face of raging natural forces releases the survivors back into an everyday life that is too much for them.
(Felix Bloch Erben)
Responses to the Play:
“The play is a triptych: the party, the fire and the city. The dialogue is followed by the chaos of the characters’ inner voices and then a distanced, external perspective on these figures, who no longer succeed in carrying on from where they were before. The dialogic first part and the kindling of the fire both unfold with a casual inevitability: The heat, the drowsiness and the intake of alcohol turn the banality of the conversations into wittily malicious talk, which is extinguished just as quickly as the burning twig is set alight by a cigarette end. But the spark has already leapt off into the dark without anyone noticing, and the fire takes the sleepers by surprise. […] The first five minutes of the middle part, the glare, the cry, the body, are narrated in the second person singular […].
Although it still appears just about intact, the individual decays in both a metaphorical sense and a realistic, physically painful sense. For the survivors, it is the beginning of a dark odyssey. Nature metamorphoses from a blazing, dangerous organism into the black beast sorrow. The baby’s death is retold in the distancing third person and would otherwise be utterly unbearable. […] Back in the city, most of the survivors find it impossible to return to their old lives. They speak about each other, but hardly communicate with one another any more. When they do interact, they go through answer phones or third parties. […] However, there is a gossamer-thin chance that life can be lived again – art may have the potential to help, might just be capable of depicting the horrific and unimaginable.”
(Beate Heine, “Jahrbuch Theater Heute 2007”)
Technical Data:
Premiere 27 October 2007, Schauspiel Hanover
Director Ingo Berk
Cast 3 F, 5 M
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