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Unschuld (i.e. "Innocence")en

A European city by the sea. Elisio and Fadoul are illegal black immigrants. They saw a woman end up in the sea and didn't help her. One of them can't sleep any longer; the other finds a bag full of money.
Absolute is a young blind woman who dances naked in the "Blue Planet" for men who can see her. Mrs Has-Enough seeks forgivenness for crimes she did not commit. Franz has found a life-fulfilling task: he works for an undertaker, looking after the dead. His wife Rosa would like to have a child from him. Rosa's mother, Mrs Sugar, is diabetic and abdicates responsibility to Rosa and Franz, moving in with them. Ella, an ageing philosopher, has burned her books and now believes in nothing but the world's unreliability.
Dea Loher, perhaps her generation's most important dramatist, has written a new play with stories from the periphery of our society - 19 scenes full of sadness and desperate comedy. At first this seems a profoundly pessimistic piece, yet the narrative is bright and clear. Restrained optimism is to be felt in the beauty of the language and in the characters' will to survive".
(Thalia Theater Hamburg)

Responses to the Play:

"Fadoul and Absolut are two unfortunate human beings from Dea Loher's new play 'Innocence'. (...) This is concerned with great existential issues and little everyday occurrences, with everything that makes our life so unbearably difficult and meaningless - but also with the faint hope that after all there is a way out, a way or at least a goal. 'Innocence' is a polyphonic theatrical Passion about the state of the world, composed of many little individual destinies. (...) This is probably Dea Loher's best, most densely-packed, most private and yet most worldly-wise text, a poetic elegy of linguistic beauty and power, carried by sombre melancholy and sarcastic fury".
(Christine Dössel in: Süddeutsche Zeitung, 14.10.2003)

"Dea Loher demonstrates great skill in creating a dense network of little stories about murder and suicide, re-inventing mediumistic staging of everyday insanity in absurd constellations of characters".
(Stefan Grund in: Die Welt, online-edition, 13.10.2003)

"Dea Loher depicts these social borderline cases and confused human beings in 19 little stories. She presents sad and comical aspects of their lives, presents everyday existence, illness, and death. Tells of their yearnings, their guilt, and also of their innocence. In the course of the play all the characters meet once again; their fates intermingle and finally become a single story, telling of the sadness of the present day.
(Katrin Ullmann in: Der Tagesspiegel, online-edition, 13.10.2003)

Technical Data

Premiere 11.10.2003, Thalia Theater Hamburg
Director Andreas Kriegenburg
Number of Performers 6 female, 8 male
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