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Petra has been abused by her father Erwin for years and her mother Karin turns a blind eye. Magda rapes her son Paul, but no one hears his cries for help. This shared fate brings the children together and they try, with some success, to put a stop to their parents' abuse.
Given the unspeakable nature of their parents' crimes, it is only after many attempts that they manage to take them to task; it is hard to overcome the lack of language and the naming of the monstrous eventually makes the form of the drama itself begin to sway.
All the adults in this play are "Täter”, culprits. The natural, almost casual way in which this is accepted is the element that really startles, and creates a darkly bitter comic atmosphere at the same time.
(from the programme of the "Felix Bloch Erben" publishing house)

Responses to the Play

In "Täter", his new play, Thomas Jonigk drives a nail straight into heart, brain and genitals. There is no escape, however numbed one organ or the other might be. "Täter" is the most radical and intelligent, the most outspoken and tender, the most devastating and optimistic play yet written on the subject of incest. It focuses with disturbing accuracy on an issue which society has ignored for decades. Its denunciation of the culprits' attempts at self-justification pushes beyond the pain threshold. It is biting in its reflection of the whole media circus that has exploited the theme in recent years. And its mixture of a documentary tone (for the culprits) and a sort of poetry of distortion (for the victims) lends it a disturbingly compelling form, which seems underpinned by cold fury and burning longing.
(Alfred Schlienger in the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung", 21.2.00)

Technical Details

Premiere Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, December 1999
Director Christina Paulhofer
Cast 6 f, 3 m
Rights Felix Bloch Erben Verlag
Hardenbergstraße 6
10623 Berlin
Tel: 030-3139028/29 Fax: 030-3129334
Translations Theatre Library
Play published Theater heute 2 / 00, S. 58 - 68


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