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wir schlafen nicht (i.e."We Don't Sleep")en

"A piece for theatre about the brave new work-world set at a trade fair in the milieu of consulters, advisers, and McKinsey kings. The senior associate and the key account manager have their say, and so too do the online-editor, the IT supporter, and the trainee.
At issue are achievement, efficiency and assertiveness, learning-processes, and pressure to conform.
Kathrin Röggla has written a kind of docu-soap about the world of those who supposedly make the decisions, based on 30 interviews. This provides insight into the zoo of total neo-liberalism that in its striving for nothing but efficiency only accepts human beings as machines serving specific functions".
(S. Fischer Verlag, Theater & Medien)

Responses to the Play:

"They rush around like spectres, over-excited and terribly tired, usually controlled, now and then tipsy from white wine with a dash of mineral water, and normally use indirect speech in Kathrin Röggla's play 'We Don't Sleep'. They are the key account manager, the IT supporter, the senior associate, the partner, the online editor, and the trainee. The 32 year-old author assembled each character from the voices of four to five professionals in consultancy and allied branches with whom she had conducted a total of thirty interviews, each lasting several hours. (...) Röggla spent months structuring and condensing the many hours of material, producing a linguistically and dramatically polished textual web - or, to be more precise, a hysterical vocal concert full of dazzling verbal wit and biting criticism, which from time to time also falls into a black hole and becomes laconic, elegiac, and still".
(Eva Behrendt in: Theater Heute, 3/2004)

Technical Data:

Premiere 7.04.2004, Schauspielhaus, Düsseldorf
Director Burkhard C. Kosminski
Number of Performers 3 females, 3 males
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