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A. ist eine Andere (A. Is Someone Else")en

A. set herself on fire. Out in the open, in a field right next to her car. The evidence seems to be incontrovertible. Letters she had started were also found. Stumbling, unfinished love letters to Gerd, her husband. Gerd still has her scent on his fingers.
A. was young, delighting in life, and with normal crazy dreams. Nothing unusual, nothing strikingly different. Four days later the formalities have been dealt with. A.'s ashes are in an urn and one rainy day these are scattered on the meadow. Such an incomprehensible situation doesn't permit either shock or living in a daze. Four human beings get used to everyday life after her death, remembering A. Pheres, her father and a tree expert, plants a Bonsai on the field even though it doesn't stand a chance out in the open; Bongo, the barman, full of the joys of life, who was Gerd's wonderful drinking companion in Italy until they collapsed; Nina, the medical student who saw A. in the pathology department and by now wears her clothes; and Gerd, the architect, for whom life with A. had been so easy up to now. A. becomes ever more present with an almost imperceptible transition between narrative and disrupted dialogues. Forgotten everyday details grow in significance; life-stories simple and irretrievable. The characters' thoughts discretely intermingle until A. enters into the dialogue. The more vitally this happens, the more her vanishing is accepted as a fact. So, logically, hers is the final monologue in this bizarrely constructed love story.
(henschel SCHAUSPIEL)

Responses to the Play

The plays by Sauter/Studlar are comedies rather than tragedies, or, more precisely, they are a reincarnation of the tragic in the guise of the comical. However, one only notices the tragic aspect much later, as a bitter aftertaste, as a persistent irritation following an entertaining and exceptionally enjoyable evening in the theatre. The means deployed by the two authors are always the same: fast scenes establishing the situation and avoiding any psychological explanations and inwardness - what the two of them call trash or "radical" comedy: playful, comical, full of dialogue that is exaggerated and overwrought. The basically tragic situation in "A. ist eine andere", the coming together of those left behind by a suicide who (supposedly) died much too young for inexplicable reasons and without any warning, turns into a farce devoted to the interests of those close to her.
(Anja Dürrschmidt in "Stückwerk 3")

Technical Details

Premiere Städtische Theater Chemnitz, März 2001
Director Bettina Jahnke
Cast 2 f, 3 m. Basic set with changes
Rights henschel SCHAUSPIEL
Marienburger Str. 28
10405 Berlin
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