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Autofahren in Deutschland ("On the Road in Germany")en

Hugo, a graphic designer who specializes in virtual mammoths, is driving through the night in his car - in flight from himself, from an investigation of suspected tax evasion, or from an impenetrable conspiracy. In fact he's not really sure himself what he's running away from. At the same time Marthe, his companion for life, and Lorenz, his accountant, who are having an affair, meet in a laundrette at the other end of the country.
Two armed men are suddenly standing in front of its windows. A shot is fired, but not by one of the men. It is obviously fired by Cleo, who appears out of nowhere in the auditorium. She is Lorenz's ex-wife, the woman with whom Hugo is spending his nightmarish night. As scattered parts of a whole they now all begin their own wanderings along "Lost Highways" on whose peripheries - parking lots, anonymous service stations, and motels -- their paths cross time and again.
(Rowohlt Verlag)

Responses to the Play

"On the Road in Germany" tells of the lostness of people no longer responsible for their own story. In a country where the Wall has come down, where new self-assurance was produced and then transformed into agony, a country where no-one is ready to abandon old habits and where any attempt to do so ends in total disorientation, the intoxication of speed prevails and no-one keeps up ... People collide and separate. They fumble around but there's nothing tangible there. They look around but no human being is in sight ... "On the Road in Germany" is a poetic composition for the theatre which doesn't accept any limits. It presents the four protagonists' trauma of being expelled from the centre of things ... Ulrike Syha describes a feeling of loss, which perhaps all of them share but none dares say out loud, as blurred movement, as a memory, and generates precisely this eruptive feeling, far removed from all-embracing media anaesthetization".
(Tim Staffel in his speech during presentation of the Kleist Prize 2002)

Technical Details

Premiere 1.1.2002, Thalia Theater, Hamburg
Director Monika Gintersdorfer
Cast 2 women, 4 men. Basic set
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