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Die Eisvögel (i.e., “The Ice Birds”) en

Karl meets Josi down by the lake, too close to the bank and too lightly clothed for this wintry day. Is the girl trying to kill herself? Josi succeeds in getting Karl flustered. He takes her to his house, where he composes film scores in the seclusion of the forest and lives together with Eva, who works for an agency in the city. Like a tick, Josi burrows into the flesh of the couple’s stale relationship.
She provokes just as much with her uninhibited confidence as with the adolescent pose of forlorn solitude she puts on. Karl is already wriggling on Josi’s line and Eva, feeling increasingly insecure, swings between mockery and feelings of impotence. After Karl has finally slept with the girl and sent her away, Eva takes revenge with a “game”: she brings Josi back and initiates a cycle of reciprocal humiliation. The atmosphere in the house becomes ever more oppressive and the audience can positively feel the situation escalating...

The author develops a tense interpersonal thriller enclosed within an intimate isosceles triangle, creating an open-ended psychological chamber piece. (Kiepenheuer Bühnenvertriebs GmbH)

Responses to the Play:

“In an atmosphere that combines an everyday living space with the images of a lake frozen solid and cooling emotions, the young author Tine Rahel Völcker presents this complicated, evolving web of relationships in a rapid sequence of changing scenes, dialogues and descriptive passages. The perspectives and perceptions of both the characters and the audience are interrogated and called into question again and again; an almost thriller-like level of tension is generated by the uncertainty this produces.”

(Theater der Stadt Aalen)


Technical Data

World premiere

18.12.2004, Theater der Stadt Aalen

Director Ralf Siebelt, Simone Sterr, Winfried Tobias
Cast 2 female, 1 male
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