Begüm Erciyas

Dieter Hartwig Dieter Hartwig “A Speculation“ (2014)
Dieter Hartwig "A Speculation" (2014)

Video: "Ballroom" Trailer (6')

While studying Molecular Biology and Genetics in Ankara, Begüm Erciyas became a member of [laboratuar], a performing arts research and project group. She completed her dance education at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD). In 2006, Begüm Erciyas received a danceWEB grant. Since then she has been an active member in the Sweet and Tender artists’ network. She develops her own pieces, e.g. “Ballroom”, “The Lake” and “MATCH”. In 2007/2008 she received a nine-month residency grant at the Akademie Schloss Solitude; in 2009 Begüm Erciyas was a resident choreographer at K3 - Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg and, in 2011, at the TanzWerkstatt Berlin.
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Dieter Hartwig lonely ping-pong ball appears, crosses the room and disappears into the wings on the other side. A successful surprise. One could almost call it brave. Who would have thought that ping-pong balls – rolling, hopping and plunging from the ceiling, alone at first and then in swarms, preferably in quartets – could develop such poetic power? One could assume that Begüm Erciyas’ interest in elemental particles’ behaviour in a controlled environment comes from her studies in Molecular Biology. “Ping Pong”: Though the title’s sound already suggests movement and alludes sensuality, it still just makes reference to a concrete object. But it is precisely this tension between perception, suggestion and a focus on objects that this choreographer, who shuttles between Hamburg and Berlin and prefers not to appear on stage, knows how to illuminate. Of course, people or dancers are also in her pieces. In “Match ” they represent absent objects; in an odd way they make us believe they are the embodiment of something else. Begüm Erciyas goes one step further in her work “The Lake”; it deals with methods of hypnosis and illustrates them on stage. To what extent is the audience willing to believe the entertaining suggestions on stage? The idea of absence is granted a poetic and magical – sometimes even utopian – moment in sharply calculated arrangements.
Irmela Kästner
( ProgrammBUCH Tanzplattform Deutschland 2012)

In my recent work, the theatre is often a setting fo r games of replacement, imagination and belief. Perfo rmers oscillate between subject and object, determination and doubt, conviction and ridiculous ness.
Begüm Erciyas