'Am Bildaltar'  © Photo: WILHELM GROENER
"Am Bildaltar" Photo: WILHELM GROENER

Video: „K-Projekt - als ich die Treppe hinunterstieg um noch einen Abendspaziergang zu machen... (2014)“

WILHELM GROENER: The artist Mariola Groener and dancer/choreographer Günther Wilhelm have blended their names and arts into their alter ego WILHELM GROENER since 2001. With a predilection for the odd and absurd, their work uses elements of performance, dance and installation. The pieces »Vorgang benutzt«, »Paravent privé« and »Hotel Hassler« have been invited to the German TANZPLATTFORM 2000, 2006 and 2010. In spring 2011 they presented seven pieces of their opus during a retrospective called »WILHELM GROENER – born on 1st of May, 2001« at the UFERSTUDIOS.

Mariola Groener, born in Poland, grew up in Munich. She studied artistic photography Film & AVMedia in Berlin and Essen/Folkwang. She was awarded the photography competition »Das große stille Bild« and received the Berlin choreography scholarship which enabled her to spend working time with Anna Halprin SF/USA. In addition to her position as co-director of WILHELM GROENER, she is an artist exhibiting her works at home and abroad. Groener also was co-founder of the project and exhibition space forever and a day Büro.

Günther Wilhelm, born in Munich, studied Butoh, classical and moder dance in Munich and Berlin. He was a long time member of VA Wölf’s NEUER TANZ and worked a.o. with Dump Type and Anna Huber. He received the scholarship of Stiftung Kulturfonds, Künstlerhaus Lukas Ahrenshoop and twice the Berlin dance and choreograpy scholarship. Currently he is participating in the Amsterdam Master of Choreography.

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Mariola Groener / Günther Wilhelm

In the stage piece “What is your name?”, WILHELM GROENER introduce two words via overhead projector that could in fact fly like flags over these two artists’ works: “limited” and “concentrated”. Mariola Groener and Günther Wilhelm prepare a core idea for project after project. They give their questions a clear, even rigid structure, but still allow themselves and the audience to share a subtle joke. Bodies become part of composed images, movement leads to positions, almost sculptures. There are symmetries, repetitions, decisive discrepancies. The observer feels as though he is directed to a sudden insight (into famous paintings in the piece “At the Picture Altar”, for example), but is also confronted with something foreign that can also enlighten. A shift occurs in what is known. Sometimes it is like watching enigmatic and serious ceremonies, sometimes an absurd, “valentinesque” humour surfaces.

On the occasion of their tenth anniversary WILHELM GROENER cited Karl Valentin, and to sum it up: one can never be too careful with assertions. In fact, this is what the pieces, performances and films by both artists teach us: everything that you think you know can also be seen differently.

Sylvia Staude

Works available for touring

Korridor (2014)
1 performer – stage 10 x 10 m – 60 min

K-Projekt (2014)
3 performers – stage 15 x 20 m - 70 min

Heilung (2013)
8 performers – stage 10 x 10 m – 60 min

Am Bildaltar (2010)
3 performers – stage 8 x 8 m – 60 min

Am Anfang war das Ende (2009)
4 performers – stage 8 x 8 m – 60 min

Hotel Hassler (2008)
3 performers – stage 8 x 8 m – 50 min

Wie ist dein Name? (2007)
2 performers – stage 8 x 8 m – 50 min

RE(V)UE TOTAL (2006)
5 performers – stage 8 x 8 m – 60 min

Paravent privé (2005)
9 performers – stage 10 x 12 m – 60 min

Ortnung (2002)
2 performers – stage 8 x 8 m – 60 min

Getrennte Präsenz (2001)
solo – stage 8 x 8 m – 40 min

33 SKIZZEN (since 2001)
ongoing performance project
2 performers – space, length and set variable