Felix Ruckert

'Chastity'  © Photo: IDAN
"Chastity" Photo: IDAN

Video: „MushRoom“

Felix Ruckert creates magical spaces for theatrical events no longer readily recognisable as choreographies. In most cases, he is active outside the theatre world, whose artistic options have become too constricting for him, and whose structures strike him as too hierarchical. He is convinced that the radical nature and consistency of his work is better off supported in other contexts.

Among his most important, current projects are the performance venue schwelle7 in Berlin (also his experimental workroom and living space), the xplore festival expanding to Sydney, Vienna, Rome, and Barcelona in 2012, and the Pop band Chastity, which has just released its first album.

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He looks like a boy that refused to grow up, but retained the sense of wonder and adventure. Felix likes to explore the boundaries, the borders of mind and body, of morality and society, of his own and of his guests, dancers, the audience. He admits that his body, trained as a dancer and loaded with decennia of choreographic and emotional information, needs more.

In his studio-courtplayroom schwelle7 he is the game master, using the available. Dance, family constellation work, contact improvisation, body work, bondage, BDSM, massage, musical and performance art, whoever or whatever is welcome, as long as they obey his unspoken but clear rule: Felix has to be pleased. That looks like a hard rule, but as Felix is pleased by authenticity and courage and as he welcomes experiments that explore and outline new borders, many from all over the world find their way to schwelle7. He creates a choreography of people and events, a movement where dancer and dance become one. He created a unique place, bringing together elements from different genres, bridging worlds by acknowledging their artistic roots.

schwelle7 is not a place for the fainthearted, as it is pioneering a freedom beyond the traditional. Felix is not a man for the fainthearted, as he is provocative and demanding. This is his real quest: freeing the inner Felix from whatever was programmed into him, playing his life. That he shares this quest in his work and his place makes him an artist of life that many, but not all can enjoy.

Luc Sala

Works available for touring

Dryade (2011)
4 performers – stage 6 x 6 m – 60 min

Chastity (2011)
5 musicians – bar / café 3 x 3 m – 60 min

Spaces for Stories (2009)
solo – public space – 90 min

Die Farm (2007)
4 performers – stage 10 x 6 m – 55 min

On Pain and Presence (2006)
2 performers – stage 6 x 6 m – 120 min

xplore (2006)
15 performers – 3 rooms à 150 qm
participative festival – 3 Tage

Secret Service (2001)
17 performers – stage 12 x 12 m
participative performance – 240 min

Ring (1999)
21 lokale performers – stage 15 x 15 m
participative performance – 120 min