This glossary explains frequently used terms relating to the language/integration nexus and guides you through the apparent complexities of the relevant concepts and terminology.

Nationaler Integrationsplan und Nationaler Aktionsplan Integration (National Integration Plan and National Action Plan on Integration)

Germany’s Integration Summit was held for the first time in 2006. Convened at the invitation of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, the event brought together migrants and representatives of the German Government, federal states (Länder) and municipalities, the arts, media and sport, employers and trade unions, churches and faith communities, welfare associations and foundations with the aim of developing more effective integration policies. The participants drafted a National Integration Plan (NIP) as the first-ever integration policy strategy for Germany.

The National Action Plan on Integration adopted at the fifth Integration Summit on 31 January 2012 was the next step in the NIP’s development. Agreement was reached on specific targets, relevant indicators and a timeframe, the aim being to define more clearly what “success” means in the context of integration and provide a set of tools to measure outcomes.

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