This glossary explains frequently used terms relating to the language/integration nexus and guides you through the apparent complexities of the relevant concepts and terminology.

Sachverständigenrat deutscher Stiftungen für Migration und Integration (Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration)

The Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration (SVR), established in 2008, is an independent scientific council of experts on integration and migration policy issues. It has a particular interest in migration trends (immigration, out-migration and return by foreign nationals and Germans), the management of immigration, and the promotion of integration at the national, state (Land) and municipal level.

The Council monitors policy-making, provides information for the public in the form of expert reports, and makes recommendations for policy action. Representative surveys of people with and without a migration background are conducted to assess progress on integration. The findings are then published in “barometers” (2014 Integration Barometer, 2013 Migration Barometer).

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