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#MyJob – “You really need patience”

Jwan Mattini fled Syria when he was 16, because of the civil war. He quickly adapted to life in Germany: He is 20 now and an apprentice for industrial management assistancy. For this, he says, you need to have a high motivation foor learning – but that's not all.

Jwan Mattini …

…was born in 1999 in Damascus. 2015, he and his famiily fled to Germany because of the Syrian civil war. In Berlin he finished his MSA (a secondary school certificate)). Since September 2018, he is an apprentice for industrial management assistancy at the Berliner Wasserbetriiebe

The Berliner Wasserbetriebe (BWB) …

… are a municipal organization responsible for water supply and wastewater disposal for Berlin and parts of Brandenburg. Yearly, the Berliner Wasserbetriiebe offer apprenticeships for technical and commercial professions as well as for industrial management assistancy. These apprenticeships take three years.


There is a lack of skilled workers in Germany. Many people therefore come to Germany to work here. In which professions do they work? What does their working life look like? In the series “#MyJob”we introduce some of these people – and their everyday working life.

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