Pre-integration – a project by the Goethe-Institut

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From information point to intercultural training

The evaluation of the “Pre-Integration in the South-East Asian Region” project shows how the Goethe-Institut is preparing migrants from South-East Asia for life in Germany.More ...
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For love or work: the journey into the unknown – In South-East Asia, the Goethe-Institut is preparing migrants for life in Germany

Migrants start to prepare for a life in Germany long before joining an integration course. The Goethe-Institut in the countries of origin has a key role to play in these preparations. One example is the “Pre-Integration in the South-East Asian Region” project, which runs until the end of 2017.More ...
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Love, Language and the Goethe-Institut

The much-criticised language tests for non-EU nationals wishing to join their partners in Germany are better than their reputation – and should remain in place.More ...
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Paths to Germany - the Goethe-Institut builds bridges

Since mid 2007, spouses from third countries wishing to join their husbands or wives in Germany must demonstrate basic German language skills in order to qualify for a visa. These short films provide an overview of the services provided by the Goethe-Institut to equip this group of immigrants with the language and intercultural skills they need for a life in Germany.More ...
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Interviews mit Zuwandernden zum Sprachnachweis im Rahmen des Ehegattennachzugs

Die Gesprächsdokumentation „Stimmen aus einem Integrationskurs“ geht der Frage nach, wie die Zuwandernden selbst zu dem verpflichtenden Sprachnachweis für nachziehende Ehegatten stehen.More ...
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“We Have a New Target Group”

German courses for spouses: Heinrich Stricker, head of the language courses and tests department at the Goethe-Institut, talks about the effects the changed immigration law has had on language courses.More ...
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“I am starting to communicate here”

For immigrants, learning German can be the key to numerous possibilities. It offers an understanding of the country and its people, but above all it helps with the integration process. A letter of experience.More ...
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Preparing for Germany – Language courses for spouses

Since August 2007, spouses have only been allowed to move to Germany if they can demonstrate basic knowledge of the German language. The Goethe-Institut is creating internationally fair conditions for the language certificate.More ...

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