Qualification program: projects with refugees

Qualification of Islamic communities and migrant organisations to carry out networked projects to aid refugees

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The Goethe-Institut, with support from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, has assisted Islamic communities and organisations in their work on behalf of refugees since 2016.

Under the working title Qualification of Learning Facilitators to Carry Out Networked Projects to Aid Refugees, the project’s work aims to provide training in 2017 and 2018 to Muslims who take on particular responsibility in their local Muslim communities as learning facilitators and people working on behalf of refugees. Consequently, better networking of the participants with local government administration structures and refugee aid institutions is a core ambition of the project.

Over the duration of the project, its participants are brought together at workshops on multiple occasions, held at a single location. In workshops assisted by experts, they then especially discuss questions concerning financing of projects, association work, deployment and coordination of volunteers, and assignment and organisation of necessary tasks in the context of refugee work. The focus here is on expanding practical knowledge to include methodological know-how and professionalising individuals’ actions. The group events also support the exchange of experience between participants, as well as promoting relationship-building with each other and across the project locations.

In addition to the workshops, the project also gives them an opportunity to gain financial and organisational support for their work on the ground.

20 participants in 20 locations throughout Germany act to ensure that the project’s impact is realised and its work adopted sufficiently in local government.

The project is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of the Interior.
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