Teacher Training for German as a Second Language and German as a Foreign Languag

Teacher Training for German as a Second Language and German as a Foreign Language

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Skilled, professionally trained instructors are needed to effectively teach German as a Second Language. This is why the Goethe-Institut has long been involved in the continuing education of teachers in German as a Second Language.

The Goethe-Institut offers online and classroom-based continuing education courses for teachers in German as a Second Language, German as a Foreign Language and in the use of digital media in lessons (see Our Courses). The online courses Deutsch Lehren Lernen® (DLL) Standard, DLL Premium and DLL Modular sind are listed by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) as pertinent recognised GFL/GSL certificates and are therefore recognised as equivalent to the BAMF’s abridged and full-length additional qualification courses.

The Goethe-Institut was commissioned by the BAMF to draw up the specialised foundations and the framework curriculum for the additional teacher qualifications. In addition, both the abridged and full-length additional qualifications can also be acquired in classroom courses at the Goethe-Institut Mannheim. The qualifications are recognised by the BAMF for teaching integration courses.

The Goethe-Institut offers online continuing education courses both for teachers in adult education and for professionals in day-care facilities and primary and secondary school teachers. Education professionals and teachers are presently faced with the daily challenge of supporting children with a different first language in learning German. In the Goethe-Institut’s online continuing education courses they acquire the necessary basic knowledge of multilingualism, second language acquisition and intercultural educational theory. Sharing with colleagues as well as ideas and approaches for practical work are part of the continuing education courses.

Our Courses  

Courses in German as a Second Language (GSL)

GSL for primary school
You are teaching at a primary school in Germany or abroad or have been working with primary school-age children for a while? You are looking for targeted continuing education to enable you to instruct children with migration backgrounds in German as a Second Language (GSL)?
www.goethe.de/dazgrundschule (external link)

Deutsch Lehren Lernen® (DLL) Modular – DLL 16: Sprachbildung in allen Fächern (DaZ Sekundarstufe)
Are you teaching international language development classes and would like to prepare your pupils of varying abilities to successfully read, hear, speak and write in German? Are you looking for sound GFL/GSL further training for your work?
www.goethe.de/dllmodular (external link)

Courses in German as a Foreign Language (GFL)

Deutsch Lehren Lernen® (DLL) Premium 28 ECTS
You already teach German as a Foreign Language and would like to improve your lessons or are seeking sound further training that will qualify you as a GFL teacher.
www.goethe.de/dllpremium (external link)

Deutsch Lehren Lernen® (DLL) Standard
You would like to teach German as a Foreign Language (GFL) and aspire for professional qualifications in the field?
www.goethe.de/dllstandard (external link)

Deutsch Lehren Lernen® (DLL) Modular 3 ECTS
Do you already teach German as a Foreign Language (GFL) or would you like to start teaching GFL once again? Would you like to get further training using up-to-date further education didactics and the latest materials? In addition to theoretical concepts, is it particularly important to you to be able to test further training content in practice?
www.goethe.de/dllmodular (external link)

Courses in media didactics

Interaction with digital media in class
Do you teach German as a Foreign Language (GFL) and would like to motivate your learners to take active part in class? Would you like to foster class interaction of your learners while incorporating digital media? Is professional handling of modern media in class important to you?
/www.goethe.de/digme (external link)

Qualifications for teachers of integration courses

The Goethe-Institut is accredited by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees to qualify GSL teachers and holds compact seminars several times each year for this purpose. More ...

Educational material

© Goethe-InstitutHow children discover language – film documentaries on linguistic education in kindergarten
Six scenes with a total duration of 68 minutes cover the practice of language teaching for children who speak German as their native and second language in kindergarten. The short documentary scenes are supplemented by a 42-page booklet containing educational explanations and practical instructions. More ...

More information

You can find more information for teachers on the website of the BAMF:


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