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The entire “Framework Curriculum for Integration Courses – German as a Second Language” to download with background information

© Goethe-InstitutIn autumn 2006, the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) commissioned the Goethe-Institut to develop a framework curriculum for the integration courses.

The integration courses and the examination are aimed at individuals who, within the framework of integration law, right of domicile and naturalisation, would like to gain and demonstrate German language skills, i.e. new immigrants and those who have lived in Germany for some time.

According to the Integration Regulation, the aim of the course “to acquire sufficient knowledge of the German language has been achieved once a course participant has the necessary language skills to cope with daily life independently in their environment and can hold a conversation and express themselves in writing in a way that corresponds to their age and level of education.” (Integration Regulation Art. 3 1.2)

The objective of the integration courses is therefore to develop the ability to participate in society, which is achieved by combining linguistic, intercultural and strategic skills and the cultural knowledge required in the particular area.

According to these objectives, the curriculum defines a framework for the targets and content of the integration course. It shows the social contexts in which migrants would like to, or need to, be able to interact in the target language, and lists as many learning targets as possible, from which examining boards, textbook authors and course organisers can select targets and content for their respective purposes.

As one of the basic tasks for investigating the target group and its needs, the “Research and documentation regarding the language requirements for integration courses in German as a second language” (InDaZ) was established as part of the project work to create the framework curriculum.

Download symbol Research and documentation regarding the language requirements for integration courses in German as a second language (PDF, 1.1 MB)

In 2016 the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees commissioned the Goethe-Institut to update the Framework Curriculum for Integration Courses. This is not a fundamental revision, but an update of the document regarding the new group of participants, an extension of the included work related topics, and a greater involvement of values of the social coexistence.

The Framework Curriculum for Integration Courses is geared to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GER).

Download symbol Framework Curriculum (PDF, 1.4 MB)

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees provides a hardback edition for all approved integration course organisers. Should they have any queries, teaching staff and course organisers should contact the Federal Office’s information service:

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