Events in Germany

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“Language is a valuable asset for anyone.”
Review of the “Language. Mobility. Germany.”-conference.

The “Language. Mobility. Germany.” conference staged by the Goethe-Institut and the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) brought experts from Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and Germany together on 6 and 7 November to discuss the pros and cons of this new worker mobility.More ...
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“Migration is not an event, it’s a process”

Report on the conference “Pre-Integration and Transition Management”, attended by policy-makers, academics and civil society representatives.More ...

Nürnberger Tage für Integrationde

Das Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge richtete am 17./18. Juni 2010 in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Goethe-Institut die ersten Nürnberger Tage für Integration aus.More ...

Alphabetisierung in Sprachkursen für Migrantinnen und Migrantende

Alphabetisierung in der Zweitsprache Deutsch im In- und Ausland – dieses Thema wird derzeit stark diskutiert. Wo stehen wir? Wo möchten wir hin?More ...

Worldwide Events


You and Me
Chicago (USA)
between - in sospeso
Rome (Italy)
Photo installation: 8m2
Hanoi (Vietnam)
Timelines of the Future: Perceptions of the Younger Generatiion of Migrants
Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Reading joy sans borders – How the advancement of reading helps immigration
Mainz (Germany)
Language and exile. Exiles in today's Germany
Frankfurt am Main, German National Library
Postmigrant Perspectives on European Theatre
London (Great Britain)
“Deutschland: Vielfältig und bunt.” Film, literature and music of the present
London (Great Britain)
Bucharest (Romania)
Portugal (Portugal)
“Warten, dass das Leben beginnt”
Ankara (Turkey)
Heimatland | Der Besuch | Almanya – Willkommen in Deutschland
Bangkok (Thailand)
“Bildhauereiquadriennale Riga 2012 – Anatomie der Integration”
Riga (Latvia)
“The Colour of the Ocean” (Die Farbe des Ozeans)
Glasgow (Great Britain)
Aysun Bademsoy: “In the Game” / “Honor”
Boston (USA)
Nachbarschaften X.0 (Neighborhoods X.0)
Ankara (Turkey)
“The Colour of the Ocean” (Die Farbe des Ozeans)
Barcelona (Spain)
“Die Fremde” (The Stranger)
Minsk (Belarus)
Islam in Germany
Ramallah (Palestinian Territories)
“Über die Grenze ist es nur ein Schritt” - Theatre for young people
London (Great Britain)
“Soziale Aspekte öffentlicher Kunst”
Riga (Latvia)
“Über die Grenze ist es nur ein Schritt” - Theatre for young people
Glasgow (Great Britain)
Herta Müller: Der Teufelskreis der Wörter
Bratislava (Slovakia)
Cinema and Migration
Santiago Centro (Chile)
The Colour of the Ocean (Die Farbe des Ozeans)
Glasgow/Edinburgh (Great Britain)
Oberhausen on Tour: Migration
Prague (Czech Republic)
Jens Hillje/Nurkan Erpulat: Crazy Blood (Verrücktes Blut)
New York (USA)
Arabian writers in Germany
Ramallah (Palestinian Territories)
Artist's Talk: Verena Jaekel
Glasgow (Great Britain)
The Culture of Memory in Immigrant Society
Washington (USA)
Neukölln Unlimited
Chicago (USA)
Immigrations and Migration in Film
Stockholm (Sweden)
“50 Years 50 Caricatures" – Turks in Germany as viewed by German caricaturists
Ankara (Turkey)
Migrants and Refugees in Modern Dramaturgy and Stage Practice
Athens (Greece)
Auf der anderen Seite (The Edge of Heaven)
Curitiba (Brasil)
Foreign Familiar
Jakarta (Indonesia)
Mosques in Germany
Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Bandung (Indonesia)
Home, Exile, Identity – A Jeanine Meerapfel retrospective
Mexico-City (Mexico)
How Migration Challenges Notions of Society, Education and Culture
Dublin (Ireland)