Welcome note by the president of the Goethe-Institut

It is a pleasure for me to invite you to our festival “The Power of Language”, which will take place from June 14th to 16th, 2007, at the Berlin Academy of the Arts in the Pariser Platz.

Together with the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft and an array of other partners, the Goethe-Institut has developed the world-wide project “The Power of Language”, whose crowning conclusion will be the festival in Berlin.

With a multiplicity of projects having highly diverse subjects and formats, we have in the past two years placed language and its power at the centre of our attention. These international projects and their topical resonance will now be drawn together and furnish the impulse for our concluding event, the festival “The Power of Language”.

What has language to do with power? How many languages does science need? Can and should we protect languages? These and other questions will be discussed in very different ways at the festival.

In addition to offering a stimulating programme with exciting presentations and information for a broadly interested public, the festival will also provide the frame for a academic convention. The conference will devote individual sections to the subjects “multilingualism and identity”, “language policy” and “science is multilingual”. There will also be a great variety of presentations, podium discussions, symposia and screenings initiated specially for the festival.

“The Power of Language” festival will be a unique forum for public and scholarly exchange, and I should be glad to greet there many guests from Germany and abroad this summer in Berlin.

Jutta Limbach
President of the Goethe-Instituts

    Opening speech by Federal Foreign Minister

    Die Macht der Sprache - Copyright: Initiative für deutsche Sprache, Fotograf: Marcel MettelsiefenThe opening speech by Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier to “The power of language” festival in the Academy of Arts in Berlin was much reported in the press. He stressed how important the question of language and language-learning is for international exchange.
     Read the full speech here.



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