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Multilingualism in Europe – Towards better practice

September 21, 2006
Brussels, Belgium

A conference organized by CICEB (the association of European national cultural institutes in Belgium), in cooperation with the Committee of the Regions

Multilingualism in the European Union is one of the most important aspects in language policies of the European member states as well as the European Institutions. Not only politicians and researchers but also economists, philosophers and many more are looking for answers to the questions concerning multilingualism for over 30 years. Since then the European member states as well as the Institutions introduced several guidelines to promote multilingualism in their countries and developed instruments to measure the success of their language policies.

CICEB, in cooperation with the Committee of the Regions, is planning a conference in the course of actual discussions about Multilingualism in Europe – Towards better practice. This conference will present the different points of view of European Institutions and offers for the first time a neutral platform for discussions between European specialists with different backgrounds.

The first part of the conference will have a look at the Status Quo of multilingualism in the European Institutions. Represents of several Institutions, as for example the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Council of Europe and the Committee of the Regions, will present the policies and realities of written and oral communication in their Institution. A specialist from the university background will comment their statements and will add the extremely interesting judgement of an external observer.

The second part will be dedicated to different aspects of multilingualism in the European member states. On the basis of best-practice examples and case studies recommendations on how to preserve and how to promote multilingualism on different levels will be drawn up. The management of multilingualism on national and regional levels, in enterprises as well as in the various educational systems will be included in the contributions.

The target group are European language specialists, researchers and politicians as well as members of the European Institutions. About 50 persons will be invited to join the discussions and to work in groups on the proposed subjects. They will be prepared by a reader that will be delivered beforehand by the organizers.

The conference will be concluded by a public round table of several researchers who will examine the future of multilingualism in Europe from various points of view. This rather general presentation will be opened to everybody who is interested in the questions of multilingualism in a European Union of today and tomorrow.

Languages of the Conferences (preliminary choice): English – French – German – Greek – Italian – Spanish

Disketten-SymbolHere you will find the agenda of the conference: September 21, 2006 (pdf, 36 KB)

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