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International Youth Debate

2006 and 2007
Czech Republic
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The International Youth Debate competition was first held in 2005 in Poland and the Czech Republic. The joint project – initially a pilot project – by the Goethe-Institut, the Hertie Foundation and the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future” (EVZ), in which six schools from each country initially participated, is gradually being extended in 2006. More Polish and Czech schools will be participating, and at the same time the competition will be held for the first time in Ukraine and in the Baltic states.

The International Youth Debate aims to train young people to add their skilled voices to debates in democratic societies and to help shape these societies, to stimulate debate on current political and social issues, to strengthen personality development, and to improve young people’s knowledge of foreign languages, as the competition is held in German in the other countries too.

Teams of four debate practical questions such as “Should public areas be filmed on CCTV?” or “Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt?” Each participant has two minutes in which to speak, followed by 12 minutes of free discussion and one minute for the conclusion. Marks are given for factual knowledge of the subject, skills of expression, speaking and powers of persuasion.

The national qualifier for the Czech Republic took place in the Goethe-Institut in Prague on 21 April 2006, to be followed by the semi-final and final in the German Embassy in Prague on 19 May 2006. The final for speakers from the Baltic will be held in Riga on 24 April 2006; the final for the debating competition in Ukraine will take place in the Kiev branch of the Goethe-Institut on 29 May; and Warsaw will host the Polish final on 4 June.

In 2007 the six winners from Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Ukraine will take part in an exciting debate on “The power of language” as part of the concluding festival of the project “The power of language” in Berlin.

Disketten-SymbolExperiences by Barbora Bolková, the Czech national winner 2005 (pdf, 19 KB)

    Publication on "The Power of Language"

    A multimedia publication reflects the role of language in a globalised world.

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